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Tameka Raymond Speaks…

Yesterday Global Grind posted a blog written by Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife.  We love her and love what she had to say. 

I haven’t heard his new song, but Hollywood has and hated it!  Usher is showing his age and true colors from what she told me.  People in cyberspace are going crazy talkin’ about he’s back and calling Tameka all out her name.  Here’s the thing, if Tameka were light skinned, white, mixed, “exotic” or a Kardashian tramp nobody would say shit about her!  They’d be sad that she and Usher broke up.  They’d want him to reconcile with him!

People act like Tameka came up with Usher!  Well…she didn’t!  Tameka was in the game long before she married that man and had that big nose nigga’s kids.  Why doesn’t anyone give her props for that?  Amber Rose was a lesbian stripper before she started fucking Kanye and everyone loves her!  Nobody but us has anything to say about that.  Now THAT is a come up!  She went from stripping and fucking women to being a sought after model all because she was photographed in Beverly Hills smoking a cigarette on Kanye’s arm while wearing some bad 80’s looking booty shorts!  But because she’s light, she’s right!

Click here to read Tameka’s blog and tell us what you think.

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Global Grind, Please Stop Dick Ridin’…

I just finished reading this bullshit article that Russell Simmons wrote for Global Grind about the “Amber Rose Phenomenon”.  Before I rant, let me say that I don’t have an issue with Amber Rose.  She ain’t bothering me.  It’s not her fault that because of fucking Kanye, she’s catapulted herself into the limelight and probably a higher tax bracket!

My issue is with Russell Simmons.  How dare he say that Global Grind is a more responsible site than others?  This man allows Tila Tequila to post her thoughts on important issues all the time, yet the bitch is basically a porn star!  How responsible is that?  Isn’t that teaching young people that you can strip on Ustream in order to gain popularity, Twitter followers, fuck men and women on camera if it fattens your pockets and then a so-called philanthropist of Russell Simmons’ caliber will find you relevant…even try to help you get a record deal? 

What people need to understand is that those who are tired of Amber Rose and people like her being famous for no reason are not “haters”.  They’re sick of mediocrity in our fucking country!  Take a minute and think back to when people who were famous had mad talent!  It’s been a long time, right?  So calling shit like that out isn’t hatin, it’s saying wake up people…when are we gonna get enough of this shit?  Enough of young and even older people aspiring to be famous for no reason.  Being known for being naked, who you’re dating, fucking or poppin’ bottles in the club with!

Get it together Uncle Rush and stop dick riding people with no known talent just cuz you think they’re sexy!

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