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Let the Glambert Backlash Begin…

Didn’t I tell ya’ll that Adam Lambert should’ve just sang and called it a night on Sunday at the AMAs?  Now ABC has announced that they’ve pulled the plug on his scheduled Good Morning America performance!  I say good for them!

I don’t give a damn about him kissing a man.  I truly don’t think ABC does either.  After all, they do air Brothers & Sisters and Modern Family, both of which have openly gay characters who frequently kiss and display intimacy on the show.  The problem is that you can’t simulate oral sex, gay or straight, on live, national fucking television!  What the hell was he thinking?  Which one of his “people” told him that shit was a good idea?

Superstars have been getting fined for decades simulating sexual acts on stage in concert!  So he damn sure needs to at least get  fine for that bullshit stunt he pulled the other night on tv.  I guess he sees how much shock value is accepted in this country!

People watch award shows to laugh and feel good, not to take Head 101! 

Do you think ABC was right or wrong?

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Adam Lambert, Calm Down…

So the outrage has begun over the censoring of Adam Lambert’s male/male kiss during his performance at last night’s American Music Awards.  My feeling is in the grand scheme of things, who gives a shit?

Adam told Access Hollywood that he felt it was discriminatory and that it wasn’t really a big deal.  My thing is, Janet Jackson showed titty on live tv at the Super Bowl and she was shunned by award shows and tv shows for countless months until that shit blew over.  Everyone in America has seen a titty, gay and straight, but her shit caused extreme outrage!  So, why is Adam Lambert exempt?  Janet Jackson is an ICON in music and she was shunned like she had cold sores all over her top lip.  Adam hasn’t even dropped an album yet.  So he damn sure can’t be exempt. 

Adam, pull up your g-string, fix your guy liner and brush it off like a true entertainer would do.  Everything does not have to be about a political message!  Give the network the finger by moving Britney Spears Baby One More Time units the week your album drops!

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2009 American Music Awards…Twitter Edition

We know most of you skipped the AMAs this year.  Good thing cuz it was a snoozefest.  However, H & V love to give you our award show “thoughts” as we twittered them in real time.  Here’s what I (Vine, Hollywood passed on the show) thought:

Janet still looks good!

Paula can’t even walk in that too tight Kim Kardashian-esque dress.

Fergie, that’s how you’re supposed to look when a stripper is in the media talking about your husband’s indiscretions!!

I know J Lo is mad that Shakira came out looking & dancing like that, then she busted her ass during a “comeback” performance. Embarrassing

Shakira came out looking like what all “mamis” aspire to be…then J Lo comes out looking like Shakira’s maid! SMH

Nicole Kidman has stuck by her 2nd husband through alcoholism. Tom Cruise must be more fucked up than we think!

Jigga & AK are going to run this new york shit into the ground. ENOUGH!

This negro truly thinks he some sort of god. Look at this shit! So over Jay-Z

Alicia Keys is rocking that body magic tonight LOL!

Aww shit, there goes Whitney’s crackhead ass bouncing and shit! SMH at this mess.

Everyone’s mad @ Fantasia, but hardly anyone said peep about Alicia Keys and her forbidden “relationship”. #justsayin

RT @joejpaige @hollywoodNvine Alicia Keys is more forgivable than Fantasia bcuz she’s lightskin. #BlackInAmerica #AMAs (PREACH!!)

Why does Will i am look like a black Liberace? What’s he on?

Thank God Joe’s [Jackson] not accepting this award.

I didn’t know Victoria’s Secret made suits for men!

This show is a trainwreck. It hasn’t been right since Dick Clark had a damn stroke

Rihanna was horrible! There, I said it.

Carrie Underwood is the truth!

I’m shocked @iamdiddy didn’t have Ciroc on that piano while Gaga was playing.

Rihanna sounded like someone was cutting off her nipples with a butter knife.

I think 2 of those 3 men on stage right now might like each other…#justsayin

I like that the blond from Gloriana jumped up and down when they won:) It was refreshing.

J Lo is so washed up!

Even Marc Anthony knew J Lo sucked. Did you see his face?

J Lo needs to beg Ashanti back

Oh gawd, another Whitney monologue!

The only thing worse than Jermaine’s bad hair and Victoria’s Secret suit is that ugly ass woman on his arm! YIKES!

Alicia Keys twice in one night? Why? Same hair and make up…smh

Alicia keys and those hips should always be sitting down behind a piano.

Why does her dancer look like a drive by shooter?

Can nobody think of new shit but acting like boxers hittin the ring tonight? Fuck!

Why are people still asking Eminem to perform on awards shows?

Did ya’ll just see ole girl w/that press n curl LOL? She looked like Brenda on 227

I’ve seen all I can of Eminem and his new nose!

Timbaland and his ballpark frank necks aren’t going to get me thrown out tonight!

U got to be a fat MuthaSucka to have Timbaland money and still can’t get a white t-shirt to fit your ass!

Why is Taylor Swift acting like she didn’t know she was going to win all this shit? Stop it.

This muthaluva [Adam Lambert] simulated oral on the AMAs with a man and a woman! WTF is the outrage LOL?

There you have it folks.  If you watched the show, tell us what you think.

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2008 American Music Award Wrap-Up

Was this not the most boring shit you’ve seen on tv this year?  Hollywood and Vine certainly think so.  We won’t go on too long about this bullshit; the show was long enough!

If you didn’t see Beyonce’s performance, take a look at this clip before Dick Clark’s old ass has the shit taken down!  Who the fuck does this muthafucka think is gonna be hurt by keeping up a clip of some shit that will never be on TV or DVD ever again, but we digress!!  Beyonce looked good, albeit a biscuit away, and all, but was that the best she got?  We remember the Crazy In Love days when bitch used to come out on the stage pumpin’ and poppin’ like the hungry bitch she was!  Now she’s out there puttin’ on a lightweight drag talent show??  Just cuz the nigga put on ring own it Bey, don’t start slippin’!

PLEASE WATCH THIS SHIT!  WHY are the Pussycat Dolls still being asked to perform live?  Peep the non-talented black girl fuck up the whole performance.  The other broads were onto the next 8 count and this bitch still trying to get off her jacket??  She was lookin’ like “FUCK!  OMG YOU GUYS, I CAN’T GET THIS GODDAMN JACKET OFF!”  They need to go on and boot her ass.  She can’t dance to save her life, she can’t sing, what else is there?  The have her there to hit high notes when Nicole is either tired or dancing and she can’t even do that shit right.  Let that ass go.  Speaking of Nicole, why can’t she sing anymore?  For real though, this bitch ain’t SANG since she was auditioning for Eden’s Crush!  Yeah, we said it.  Eden’s Crush.  She looks great and can still dance her ass off, but her voice sounds like a 3rd rate cabaret singer’s at this point!  Is it just us, or was Carmit back on stage with the others last night?  We wish these hoes would just stay put instead of thinking they’re so fucking talented and in demand that they need to be solo! 

Lastly, let’s touch on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon for a minute before we go.  Hollywood thinks that Mariah and Nick were way over the top last night.  All that extra bullshit, he might as well gotten down on one knee and proposed all over again.  We get it, ya’ll muthafuckas is married…move on.  Not Vine though.  Hey, bitches are so used to being treated like second class citizens nowadays just to say they got a man, broads don’t know how to act when they see a real man treat a real woman how she should be treated!  We are so used to niggas walkin’ through the door before us and shit that we don’t know chivalry when we see it!

Did ya’ll watch last night?  Tell Hollywood and Vine your thoughts!

In a minute…

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