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Balloon Boy Bullshit…

Everyone in America was glued to their TVs today watching an oversized Jiffy Popcorn bag fly the friendly skies in Colorado.  The irony of his name being Falcon should keep late night talk show hosts full of jokes for at least a week!

As we all know, the boy was not in the hot air balloon.  He was hiding in the attic of the house in a cardboard box.  The family was already on Wife Swap showcasing their love of storm chasing and other bullshit like that!  I guess the scientist daddy’s ideas didn’t blow up after the show.  So he and his wife came up with a new plan.  Let’s hide Falcon in the attic, send the hot air balloon up and have muthafuckas tryna buy my prototype!  Watch what we tell you.  This was all part of their master plan!

They need to put these crazy ass people in JAIL for wasting tax payers money and law enforcement’s time!  Even the FAA was involved in this shit!  They betta have to repay every last dolla!  If the runaway bride had to, then so should they!  And for the love of Pete, take those kids away from these lunatics!

Update:  Here’s the video of this little boy saying he did it for the show!  We knew it!

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