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Matthew Knowles, you ARE the father…allegedly!

After all these years of talk about Kelly Rowland being Matthew Knowles illegitimate daughter, this nigga done finally responded.  We guess after Russell Simmons puts you on blast about it, you kinda have to at that point.

Sergeant Knowles contacted Media Takeout saying that basically it’s sad people are spreading “rumors” about Kelly being his daughter. 

Well we don’t give a fuck what he said!  Matthew, you ARE the father!  Seriously though, Russell Simmons is the most prominent thing in urban music.  He knows every damn body.  Like he don’t know the real. 

And if that ain’t proof enough, Beyonce tellin’ Kelly all those terrible songs on her terrible albums were good is proof positive that Bey had to get her back just a little bit for being the product of her daddy’s love affair wit Kelly’s mama! 

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Bey to Jigga…’Mind Your Own Business’!

Yes!  Reports are spreading that Beyonce has finally told Jay-Z that when it comes to Rihanna and Chris Brown to mind his own damn business or else!  Insiders are reporting that Bey and her camp feel that this is a minefield just waiting to blow and she wants no parts of this shit…especially considering all the rumors of Rihanna and Jigga having an affair such a close relationship!

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Beyonce vs. The Jackson Klan

Beyonce Cover

Hollywood & Vine hadn’t planned to discuss this Beyonce vs. Janet foolishness, but since nobody understands what Bey was saying, we gotta help out.

During an interview for the January 2009 issue of Elle Magazine, this is what Beyonce had to say:

“I grew up upper class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like The Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

Now fools have taken the above and called it Beyonce talkin shit about Janet.  H&V don’t agree.  We know the truth hurts, but Bey was on point in her statement.  Everyone who halfway knows about the Jackson 5 knows that Joe’s crazy ass worked those boys like dogs and used them to get the family up outta Gary, Indiana.  She didn’t say anything about Janet.  Now, word is that Janet is all pissy and plans to confront Bey next time she sees her.  If that’s the case, Janet should put that energy toward accepting that her career is over! 

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Cadillac Records NYC Premiere (Photos)

Ya’ll know H&V have some commentary on the photos circulating from the NYC Premiere of Cadillac Records.


Is that a blunt or a beedi that Mos Def‘s ass is smoking on the red carpet?

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Columbus Short, the only thang that’s gonna be short on you is your sperm count if you keep wearing pants that tight around your nuts!
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Diddy looks a mess with that Snuffleupagus coat on!  He looks like he has his hair slicked back with two micro yaki ponytails coming down over both shoulders!  You gotta do better!

Credit: (Mandatory): PNP/ WENN

Tocarra…never mind, that’s too easy!
Picture by ST/Splash News

Picture by ST/Splash News

Either Jay-Z is saggin his damn tuxedo pants or he took a shit in ’em.  Either way, tacky!  It’s bad enough he’s sportin his naps these days; at least pull up your fucking pants Jigga, damn!
Janet Mayer / Splash News

Picture by: Janet Mayer / Splash News

We love seeing the Booty & the Beast together!  Beyonce looks fabulous, as usual.  She truly is his greatest accessory.  If you stare hard enough, you can see the Hope Diamond on her ring finger!
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Mama Tina looks amazing for a seasoned veteran…..from the neck up!  She saw her stomach sticking out like that.  Something a little more forgiving in the mid-section could have been just as sexy and just as flattering!  And she has a clothing line??!!
What are ya’ll captions for these photos?  Let H&V know.
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2008 American Music Award Wrap-Up

Was this not the most boring shit you’ve seen on tv this year?  Hollywood and Vine certainly think so.  We won’t go on too long about this bullshit; the show was long enough!

If you didn’t see Beyonce’s performance, take a look at this clip before Dick Clark’s old ass has the shit taken down!  Who the fuck does this muthafucka think is gonna be hurt by keeping up a clip of some shit that will never be on TV or DVD ever again, but we digress!!  Beyonce looked good, albeit a biscuit away, and all, but was that the best she got?  We remember the Crazy In Love days when bitch used to come out on the stage pumpin’ and poppin’ like the hungry bitch she was!  Now she’s out there puttin’ on a lightweight drag talent show??  Just cuz the nigga put on ring own it Bey, don’t start slippin’!

PLEASE WATCH THIS SHIT!  WHY are the Pussycat Dolls still being asked to perform live?  Peep the non-talented black girl fuck up the whole performance.  The other broads were onto the next 8 count and this bitch still trying to get off her jacket??  She was lookin’ like “FUCK!  OMG YOU GUYS, I CAN’T GET THIS GODDAMN JACKET OFF!”  They need to go on and boot her ass.  She can’t dance to save her life, she can’t sing, what else is there?  The have her there to hit high notes when Nicole is either tired or dancing and she can’t even do that shit right.  Let that ass go.  Speaking of Nicole, why can’t she sing anymore?  For real though, this bitch ain’t SANG since she was auditioning for Eden’s Crush!  Yeah, we said it.  Eden’s Crush.  She looks great and can still dance her ass off, but her voice sounds like a 3rd rate cabaret singer’s at this point!  Is it just us, or was Carmit back on stage with the others last night?  We wish these hoes would just stay put instead of thinking they’re so fucking talented and in demand that they need to be solo! 

Lastly, let’s touch on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon for a minute before we go.  Hollywood thinks that Mariah and Nick were way over the top last night.  All that extra bullshit, he might as well gotten down on one knee and proposed all over again.  We get it, ya’ll muthafuckas is married…move on.  Not Vine though.  Hey, bitches are so used to being treated like second class citizens nowadays just to say they got a man, broads don’t know how to act when they see a real man treat a real woman how she should be treated!  We are so used to niggas walkin’ through the door before us and shit that we don’t know chivalry when we see it!

Did ya’ll watch last night?  Tell Hollywood and Vine your thoughts!

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Okay, I know that it’s been a while since anyone has even thought about The Booty and the Beast a.k.a Beyonce and Jay-Z.  That’s why it doesn’t surprise Hollywood that now she wants to talk about her relationship, tattoo and marriage ALL right before her 3rd solo CD is due to be released!  Check out Essence.com for excerpts.

Obviously money, fame and millions of adoring fans can’t buy you confidence.  It’s so sad that after all these years she doesn’t feel that her talent alone will sell CDs, concert tickets, movie tickets, etc.  I love Beyonce, but right now she is on my sit down and hush list!  Boop!

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