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Big Papa, Little Man…

Photo Courtesy of TMZ.com

Photo Courtesy of TMZ.com

First of all, I gotta give it up to TMZ.  I love them!  Those fools would get a picture of Jesus if they could.

They came through with the first photo of Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kim Zolciak and her sugar daddy, Big Papa.  This foolishness looks like Big Love, Little People! 

No wonder he lets her run around actin’ a fool.  Look at him!  I don’t give a damn how much money that short man has, he looks like the bell man!  He looks like the “da plane, da plane” dude!  And he DEFINITELY looks like his dick is small. 

I will give credit where credit is due though.  Kim looks good in the picture.  Even her hair looks good.  So I gotta ask, why the fuck does she wear that bad rug on the show?  I think it’s part of her plan to push this wig line down our throats, but who knows!

Shit, if she likes it, I love it.  Lord knows she’s the only “housewife” left, besides Kandi, who hasn’t had public financial woes.  She must be doing someone something right!

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Lisa Wu Hartwell Speaks Out!

Lisa Wu Hartwell is FIGHTING BACK!  She gave an interview to Essence.com about Kim Zolciak‘s bullshit allegations that Lisa threatened to kill her!  This whore clearly wouldn’t know a death threat if you put it in a syringe and injected it into her face.  That’s right Lisa, don’t let this no class having trailer park trash ruin your professional name. 

It’s clear to Hollywood and Vine that this bad wig wearin’ ass broad is trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame at Lisa’s expense.  She has to make a dolla somehow now that she and Big Papa are over!  Guess she’ll have to find a new sugar daddy to lay on her back for…

Here’s what Lisa had to say:

ESSENCE.COM: Your costar Kim Zolciak has accused you of threatening to kill her. Is that true?
Never would I threaten to kill anyone. Kim made a very heinous statement about me. She said I was a crack whore [Zolciak denies making this statement.] and that’s the reason I don’t have my kids [Justin and Jason]. Not only did she lie and insult me, but she insulted my children and my integrity. I have never done drugs in my life. I am a businesswoman.

ESSENCE.COM: Wow. Who did Kim tell that you were a “crack whore”?
She was on the set of Demi Moore’s new film “The Joneses,” which costars David Duchovny and Chris Williams [the brother of “Ugly Betty” star Vanessa Williams], and the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast was invited to star in as extras. I declined, but she and Sheree went. She didn’t realize the people she said this to about me were friends of mine. I’m a businesswoman-an actress, writer and producer of movies-and to have her making up lies about me to people I could potentially work with one day is crazy! She said those things in front of Demi Moore.

ESSENCE.COM: Did you leave her threatening messages on her voicemail or text her messages to her cell phone?
Yes, I did call her and told her she needed to call me because I wanted to address the lies she’d been spreading about me. I was never threatening, but I did tell her that I would show up at her house if I didn’t hear from her to talk woman to woman. I believe she’s trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame, but why at my expense? I have a life outside of this show. It’s unfortunate that Kim has made me her target. Perhaps it’s because throughout the whole show you don’t see me engaging in any drama like this. What she said was very hurtful. She insulted me as a mother and a wife. She was once a wife and is a mother, so I don’t understand why she would do this.

ESSENCE.COM: Allegedly she’s put out a restraining order against you. Is that true?
I had heard that, but how could she? I’ve never threatened her or laid a hand on her. In fact, last week we did a talk show together and I didn’t say one word to her. Honestly, I really don’t think Kim is dealing with a full deck. She lies constantly. Of course when I asked her about what she said about me not having custody of my kids she denied that she ever said I was a crack whore. [Zolciak denies filing a restraining order.]

ESSENCE.COM: When we last spoke you said that you were a “sparring woman.” Does that mean you’d be willing to get physical?
Would I engage in any physical activity with Kim? Absolutely not. She’s not worth my time. Do I know how to defend myself if I were attacked? Yes. When I said I was a “sparring woman” I simply meant I’ll spar with anyone in the ring. Martial arts teaches you self-control especially when it comes to your emotions. You can’t just react to everything. I would only use it in self-defense. The weird thing is when I spoke to Kim she said, “Lisa, this is water under the bridge.” And then now I find out she’s claiming that she fears for her life. I wonder if all of this was staged. She knows how I feel about my kids and if anyone were to insult them it would strike a nerve. Again, I didn’t threaten this woman and I only made one call to her and absolutely no text messages. If I did, don’t you think they would have shown it on TMZ.com?

(Source: Essence)

Arthur Blank’s Brown Sugar

Hollywood and Vine know that many have speculated about the identity of Kim Zolciak’s now “ex”, Big Papa.  Arthur Blank’s [owner of the Atlanta Falcons] name has been thrown around more than the ‘F’ word on our blog!  Well, Hollywood and Vine can exclusively reveal to you that Arthur Blank is NOT Big Papa. 

Photo Courtesy of the Cleveland Leader

Photo Courtesy of the Cleveland Leader

Our sources have confirmed that Arthur Blank’s actual mistress is a sista!  Her name is Vernita, a 33 year old graduate of Georgia Tech.  Our source further explains that Stephanie Blank, Arthur’s wife, is “cool with it”.  Evidently, Blank swooped Vernita’s ass up when she first got to Georgia Tech and she has been a kept woman ever since.  She now resides in the Sugarloaf, a suburb of Atlanta. 

Now that Blank is off the table, tell Hollywood and Vine who you think is Big Papa.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta: 11.11.08

Where the fuck do we start tonight?  Hollywood and Vine are so fucking pissed that we can barely say shit…but we’ll try!  Let’s start with Sheree.  This has to be one of the weakest bitches in Atlanta!  We know good and hell well we ain’t the only ones who heard this bitch say “RUINT”, as in the past tense of ruin!  This broad swears every damn week that she’s part of Atlanta’s elite, but can’t fucking say ruinED, can’t hold a white wine glass right and says fucking axe instead of ask!  This bitch is NOT fashionable!  Hollywood and Vine have plenty of contacts in Atlanta and ain’t nobody heard shit about this bitch being in the fashion industry.  She talks all this and that about being exclusive, but bitch still shops retail like the rest of us!  We can’t wait to see next week’s finale where Michael Knight has to let this ho know that just because she fucked an NFL player does not make her ass a designer!  She’s delusional!  Bob laughed in her face about being the lazy broad that she is…”Maybe you’ll actually do something…this time you might actually do something”!!!!  Sheree tried her best to ignore him didn’t she?!  Yeah, they both know that her last shit was a failure because Sheree doesn’t know shit about hard work!  In her little ass mind, Bob was jealous that he’s not with her anymore.  She needs to stop listening to Kim’s tone deaf ass!  Speaking of Kim…

Kim, you bout to have every black bitch in America ready to beat your muthafuckin’ ass on-site talking about you’re gonna beat NeNe’s ass!  NeNe is the best friend this wig wearing tramp has ever had, but she’s gonna talk shit??  NeNe tried to tell you your music sucked and that you looked 89.  What else does a bitch want in a close friend?  Greedy ass money grubbin’ bitch!  Big Papa’s black ass better calm her down before one of NeNe’s illiterate cousin’s busts her in botoxed up face! 

Lisa, how the fuck are you gonna have a going away party for Ed when this nigga ain’t even make it onto the final Raiders roster?  And Lisa, you’ll fuck around and get your man taken turnin’ your half black ass nose up at Oakland.  Please believe it.  This one acted above all the “drama”, yet turned around and called Sheree with the quicks to spill her guts about NeNe’s song in the limo last week.  Fake ass broads.  Hollywood and Vine almost want to get back to the New York housewives at this rate.  At least they did and said the shit to each others faces. 

Sheree and Kim talked much shit about NeNe having no class, but these were the same bitches on the phone continuing to spread the rumors.  Those two pieces of trash ain’t hardly better than NeNe.  At least the bitch NeNe will tell you to your face!  With friends like Sheree and Kim, you might as well go hunting with Dick Cheney!  When Big Papa moves onto a younger model or a man, whose ass will Sheree kiss then?

We won’t get on DeShawn tonight.  She’s turned out to be one of our favorites along with NeNe!  She seems genuine with a good sense of humor.  Besides, she can buy and sell all these bitches if she felt like it!!

Tell Hollywood and Vine what you think about tonight’s episode.

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Kim Zolciak: Big Papa

Hollywood and Vine know that all you nosey MoFos out there in cyber space have been googling Kim and Big Papa since the season premiere.  Many bloggers have out and out lied to you; Big Papa’s identity will most certainly NOT be revealed by the end of the season.  Kim is not his girlfriend, she is his mistress, obviously. 

Yes, Hollywood and Vine know who the fuck Big Papa is, but we are going to have some fun with this!  The season just started.  It wouldn’t be right to reveal so early on!  We’ll help you out though.  For all of you thinking Dallas Austin or Michael Jordan, you’re dead wrong!  Big Papa has more money and power than you can imagine!  Trust, this piece of trash came UP, even more than she did with her ex-husband!

Hollywood and Vine want to know your guesses anyway.  Post your comments!

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