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Sheree, Where Them Dollas At?

Didn’t Hollywood & Vine tell ya’ll that Sheree Whitfield [Real Housewives of Atlanta] didn’t have shit before she met Bob Whitfield?  She barely had a high school diploma let her divorce attorney tell it.  We told ya’ll she was not getting a damn 7 figure settlement!  Now, H&V know that we shouldn’t be laughing at her, but damnit this is funny. 

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sheree’s ass received her settlement last year, but she’s so unhappy with it that she has appealed with the courts.  She got $113,422/year in the settlement – $9451.83/month, but brokezilla claims that she can’t live off that!  She complained about not being able to keep her $2.6 million home.  First of all, if that lion’s den cost her $2.6 million, she would want to not keep it any damn way…with the carpets coming up from the ground and shit lookin raggedy.  She also received a lump sum payment of $775,000.00 from Bob’s retirement, almost half of their property AND CHILD SUPPORT!  What is this bitch appealing?  What the fuck else does she need?  You can afford a roof over your head, your kids are well taken care of ($2187.42/month), and you’re pulling in 10 grand a month because you fucked the right dumb ass nigga!  Greedy!  It’s not like the bitch lives in Cali.  You’re in Georgia.  You can be damn near living like Tyler Perry off that much money each month! 

Note to all the gold diggers, don’t fuck with an NFL player who ain’t been in the league at least 5 years!  Then you can get yourself a chunk of his retirement pension like Sheree did.

Our favorite part of the appeal is Sheree’s attorney saying ” based on her lack of education and inability to earn income”!!  Let us get this straight.  The same Sheree who bragged about having a [failed] business, how fashion is in her and how everyone wants to be like her is now admitting that she’s an idiot and doesn’t know enough to earn money in this world???  Okay, H&V were just checking!

Sheree needed to be worried about her own doorstep instead of trying to sweep in front of NeNe’s.  Say what you want about NeNe, but at least Gregg had his clients paying NeNe DIRECTLY!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta: 11.11.08

Where the fuck do we start tonight?  Hollywood and Vine are so fucking pissed that we can barely say shit…but we’ll try!  Let’s start with Sheree.  This has to be one of the weakest bitches in Atlanta!  We know good and hell well we ain’t the only ones who heard this bitch say “RUINT”, as in the past tense of ruin!  This broad swears every damn week that she’s part of Atlanta’s elite, but can’t fucking say ruinED, can’t hold a white wine glass right and says fucking axe instead of ask!  This bitch is NOT fashionable!  Hollywood and Vine have plenty of contacts in Atlanta and ain’t nobody heard shit about this bitch being in the fashion industry.  She talks all this and that about being exclusive, but bitch still shops retail like the rest of us!  We can’t wait to see next week’s finale where Michael Knight has to let this ho know that just because she fucked an NFL player does not make her ass a designer!  She’s delusional!  Bob laughed in her face about being the lazy broad that she is…”Maybe you’ll actually do something…this time you might actually do something”!!!!  Sheree tried her best to ignore him didn’t she?!  Yeah, they both know that her last shit was a failure because Sheree doesn’t know shit about hard work!  In her little ass mind, Bob was jealous that he’s not with her anymore.  She needs to stop listening to Kim’s tone deaf ass!  Speaking of Kim…

Kim, you bout to have every black bitch in America ready to beat your muthafuckin’ ass on-site talking about you’re gonna beat NeNe’s ass!  NeNe is the best friend this wig wearing tramp has ever had, but she’s gonna talk shit??  NeNe tried to tell you your music sucked and that you looked 89.  What else does a bitch want in a close friend?  Greedy ass money grubbin’ bitch!  Big Papa’s black ass better calm her down before one of NeNe’s illiterate cousin’s busts her in botoxed up face! 

Lisa, how the fuck are you gonna have a going away party for Ed when this nigga ain’t even make it onto the final Raiders roster?  And Lisa, you’ll fuck around and get your man taken turnin’ your half black ass nose up at Oakland.  Please believe it.  This one acted above all the “drama”, yet turned around and called Sheree with the quicks to spill her guts about NeNe’s song in the limo last week.  Fake ass broads.  Hollywood and Vine almost want to get back to the New York housewives at this rate.  At least they did and said the shit to each others faces. 

Sheree and Kim talked much shit about NeNe having no class, but these were the same bitches on the phone continuing to spread the rumors.  Those two pieces of trash ain’t hardly better than NeNe.  At least the bitch NeNe will tell you to your face!  With friends like Sheree and Kim, you might as well go hunting with Dick Cheney!  When Big Papa moves onto a younger model or a man, whose ass will Sheree kiss then?

We won’t get on DeShawn tonight.  She’s turned out to be one of our favorites along with NeNe!  She seems genuine with a good sense of humor.  Besides, she can buy and sell all these bitches if she felt like it!!

Tell Hollywood and Vine what you think about tonight’s episode.

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Real ‘Housewives’ of Atlanta: Preview Wrap-Up

Please, please, PLEASE tell us that you all watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta preview on Bravo!!!!  Where in the sam hell does Hollywood and Vine start? 

Let’s start with Sheree Whitfield.  This is how Bravo’s website describes her:

“Single socialite Whitfield, a resident of the exclusive Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, juggles her busy home life with a packed social calendar. She is a busy working mother to three children — Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. Whitfield prides herself on her fashion sense, and owned her own upscale clothing boutique — Bella Azul — for years before closing up shop to focus on her next business venture, a clothing line called “She by Sheree.”

Now, let Hollywood and Vine give you the real!  First of all, Sandy Springs is hardly exclusive.  It’s not the ghetto, don’t get us wrong, but it’s not like Bel-Air or Blackhawk like Bravo is trying to make it sound.  Shit, it’s not even Malibu.  Yes, she operated Bella Azul, an upscale boutique.  However, she did not own that.  Her soon to be ex, Bob, was the one footing the bill for the failed business venture.  Why did the boutique fail, you ask?  Not because she wanted to focus on her newest business venture, but because her shit flat out failed.  This woman is no businessperson.  She used to be a damn accounting clerk before she hooked up with Bob.  Translation, an admin.  Now all of a sudden she is entitled to an estate manager and a 7 figure settlement?  What the fuck is wrong with this chick?  She should be happy that he upgraded her damn Hyundai or Corolla or whatever she drove when he fucked with her the first time and moved her broke ass up on the social ladder.  I bet he wishes he had stuck with the down to earth girlfriend he had, prior to Sheree, who went to Spelman College!

On to Kim Zolciak.  We respect that Kim is trying to launch a country music career, but why in the world is she working with Dallas Austin?  Not only has Dallas Austin not been hot in almost a decade, but he’s not a relevant producer within the country music scene.  That’s like going to Oil Changers to get new tires put on your car, fool! 

As for the other ‘housewives’, we don’t have anything to say one way or the other.  Props to them for taking their blessings and running with them…turning themselves into ACTUAL career women and not simply living off their rich husbands.

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