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Candy Girls Update

It seems as though E! got the memo that nobody watched Candy Girls decided not to pick up Candy Girls for a second season.

Not to worry…Terricka said on Twitter that she’s working on getting a show for her, Antonio and her daughter, Jordan.  By the way, they’re engaged.


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Will Candy Girls Cure Your Sweet Tooth a 2nd Time?

Judging by the amount of people who end up on our site looking for Candy Girls information, people actually give a damn about a Season 2.  Well, according to Brooke (directly from her Twitter – @iheartbrooke), they’ll know by the end of the Summer whether or not they’re getting picked up for Season 2.

We’ll keep ya’ll posted!

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Candy Girls: 4/26/09 Recap

First let me give a shout out to all the real Boss Bitches!  I’m going to keep this short and sweet since next week will be the best episode.  ,

Danielle is stupid!  Point blank, anyone (friend, mother, father, baby daddy) who is intentionally fucking up my money has to go!  Kysha is trying to be funny and send the girls to the wrong spot.  Does she not understand that’s a reflection on the ENTIRE agency??!  If she can do so much better than the girls, then she needs to stop being such a hater, get up off her ass and put in some work!  Considering that I still believe this is NOT a real agency.  

Brooke and Terricka obviously built this agency and if they leave, Danielle will have to return that leased CLK and Range Rover and move out of that staged TV home she is living in!  April suppose to be the OG in this game.  Well give your girl some good advice for a change and tell her to get a back bone!

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Candy Girls Recap: 4/19/09

Let me start off by saying that Terricka and Brooke are my BITCHES.  They can do this show by themselves!  HA!  Olivia why are you sooooo upset that Terricka has a pro ball player and you don’t?  Could it be that you are just a little bit envious of Terricka’s fabulous life???  What Olivia needs to stop doing is playing the “good girl” role.  Keep it real!  When the right ball player, rapper, R&B singer (I guess J. Holiday wasn’t interested after all?!?) comes along, then you will have your time to shine sweetie!  Until then take a page out of Brooke’s book and be happy for Terricka and Antonio!  Besides I know of all the groupies especially on the West Coast from Sacramento to San Diego and Terricka’s name has never been mentioned.  Just because you only date professional athletes doesn’t make you a groupie…Just selective!

Brooke is the ultimate video vixen right now!  She has too much for her own good… too much hair, too much tits and too much ass…and she uses every bit to make that money!  You have to love it!! 

Danielle needs to lay off all the alcohol.  She don’t do a damn thang ALL DAY.  WHY is her stomach hanging over her sweats like that?  Eww tacky!

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Candy Girls: Episode 5

This shit was boring last night.  April and her imaginary on again off again love affair with Tyson. If Tyson Beckford asked George W. Bush to marry him, old Dubya woulda legalized gay marriage.  She can’t fool me into thinking she is the reason they are not together.  Ya’ll had a kid!  It happens all day every day!  Having a kid does not equal a relationship these days.

Poor dumb as rocks Olivia.  You know damn well you were all up on J. Holiday.  Don’t get mad and storm out the room when Brooke and Terricka put you on blast!  Karim knows what goes down at them industry parties!  You are no different than any other video extra!

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Candy Girls: Episode 4

Okay where should I start this week?  Danielle and that 2 ton weave or her cute, hoodrat best friend/assistant.  Who did these broads seduce to get this show!!!! 


I like Brooke.  She seems real cool and down to earth.  I also like Terricka.  Yes, she is a little rough around the edges but the bitch is about her money, period dot!  For example, Olivia rides this high horse but she drives a Jetta!  Terricka has a 5Series BMW.  Yeah, this is a bit shallow but these broads are video hoes! 


I don’t know who told Keysha she could run anything but her mouth!  She is the typical I’m too cute to care ass broad!  I wouldn’t be on anyone’s set for $150 either! 

From the few episodes I have seen, I am convinced that this is just a cover up for a Hip Hop Whore House!


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Candy Girls: Episode 2

Okay if I was a little confused last week…trust me I see things CRYSTAL CLEAR this week!  Danielle is a madam!  Brooke and Terricka might actually be in on the action with her.  I know for a fact April is.  If Blanca is an industry whore then why would you hire her to represent you company unless you are taking 60% right off the top? 

I have to give props to Brooke.  She is a true hustla!  Ole girl ran down her resume like she was reciting the alphabet and that is why she got the lead which means she got paid the most $$! 

Terricka – I really don’t know what to say about her.  I was actually on her side when she got offended by Danielle tellin’ her to not talk about her daughter at the photo shoot.  Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having small talk about your children at work especially if you are sitting in a makeup chair for 2-3 hrs.  What I do have a problem with is how she just acts like a complete fool all the damn time!!!  Does she not understand this is being taped and one day soon her daughter will see this mess and be ashamed that her mother was acting like a 2-bit whore instead of being proud that her mother was handling her business to make sure she has a better chance at life than she did? 

And why is MIMS coming out with another CD?  Oh and Olivia well there really isn’t much to say about her except STOP bringing your man around those bitches!  Have u seen Brooke?  She is a brick house.  You are asking for your man to slip up and fall in some….

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Candy Girls Premiere…Sour Note!

Where shall we start?  How about with Brooke Bailey, a known industry whore.  The last we’ve seen or heard of her she was with her homegirl reigning industry whore Gloria Velez (whatever happened to that rap career Glo?) fighting at some club in Miami. So we really don’t understand why this show is on the air??  

Granted Danielle is doing her thing pimpin’ these broads out to the industry and gettin’ her money.  But we have never heard of the rest of these chicks except April!  She is about her business – the bitch is a bad ass stylist.

Terricka would never speak to us like that without waking up in the emergency room.  She showed a total lack of class and respect for herself.  She is a single mother raising a beautiful little girl.  Why is she on TV acting like a damn ass! 

Olivia at that movie audition was horrible!  Those niggas were lookin at her like she was a ham sandwich talkin bout “she did a good job”!  No the fuck she didn’t.  Bitch could not act her way out of Fendi spy bag. 

And Olivia, don’t be too high and mighty talkin about being privileged.  She acted like her daddy was one of the Temptations or Four TopsBooker T and the something we done already forgot!  How you gonna be an old school ass soul singer and marry a white woman?  On top of that, H&V ain’t never met a privileged bitch about her education who would even deal with music videos, rappers and shit!  Her best role is playin a naive broad who don’t know what time it is.  Watch!!

We will continue watching just to see what type of BS these broads get into.

In a minute…

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