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G’s to Gents…

More like from coons to buffoons!  This has to be some of the fakest shit that Hollywood has seen on tv.  I would really like to find the resumes of all the actors participating in this show because it’s clear that none of them are thugs, goons, goblins, g’s or any of the other shit fools call themselves these days EXCEPT for Creepa

Did anyone at MTV really think that people would believe this shit?  For example, Cee claims to be a “guido” (his word, not ours)!  Really?  I’ve never seen a “guido” who looks like an Albino cockroach.  And why in the hell would you call yourself a guido?  Idiot!  These men do more fussing and fighting than the broads on Flavor of Love.  Is “G” short for Girls?  This is some bullshit. 

I can see where Jamie Foxx was going with the show as far as letting young men know it’s cool to be hard, as long as you still act like you have some damn sense.  It just ain’t working.  The best part of the show is the damn theme song.

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