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Making the Band 4: 4/16/09 Season Finale Pt. 1

First of all, can we take a poll on how many people think Queis doing some very good drugs?  I mean, it sho seems like it to us!  Just sayin’…

Poor Aundrea.  She’s so cute, but she looks like she ate skinny Aubrey.  Anyone remember the time when Aubrey was hella skinny, had no boobs and could move her lips and face?

Aight, here we go.  Diddyjust fired Drea!  Dayum!  I mean, errbody knows that Dawn’scurrently in L.A. workin’ on her solo album.  So I ain’t shocked, but Drea had to know that once she quit on Diddy, he wouldn’t fuck wit her no more.  Come on now.  Dawn knew that shit!  When he told Dawn that she was stayin’ on the label, did ya’ll see that bitch exhale?!  She was relieved as shit, but had enough tact not to gloat!  Then MTV was fucked up enough to play one of their songs LOL! 

They can thank Aubrey for fucking up their money!  These bitches are dumb for letting Aubrey’s overly raunchy and promiscuous (Diddy’s words, not mine) ass ruin the group.  Now what are they doing?  Drea is probably still somewhere eatin’.  At this point she looks like she has food stored in her cheeks.  D Woods is probably somewhere with a bad weave performing with her other “group” that nobody knows the name of.  Aubrey’s somewhere unable to move her top lip.  She’s too fat to pose for anything anymore or dance and she could never sing!  Shannon and her husband are somewhere living in a friend’s garage and shit!  How is THIS better than Danity Kane?

Back at the penthouse, Day 26is talking about Diddy’s decision to put Que’s high as a kite ass on “time out”!  If they don’t stop saying “brother” every 5 words!  If they’re such tight “brothers”, then why don’t they encourage their “brother” Que to go to rehab?   

Dawn’s crying on Que’s shoulder, but let’s keep it real!  Dawn should be happy to get rid of the dead weight.  She was ridin’ with DK and Bad Boy from the start.  She never wavered.  Those other bitches did!  You really want four sometime-E bitches responsible for whether or not you get paid?  Doubt it!  Bitch should be cryin’ tears of joy!

Day 26 (minus Que) and Donnie are at sea on their way to the Bahamas.  Why do these niggas always act like they ain’t never seen nice shit before whenever they see a nice suite? 

Oh GAWD, an alarm just went off.  By the time these dumb ass fools got down to the deck, everyone had their life vests on, even Donnie, EXCEPT Day 26!  These fools strolled down like they were going for a walk in the park.  Did ya’ll see the white folks lookin’ like “why don’t those black gentlemen have their life vests on?”.  Donnie was lookin’ like “I’m glad I didn’t get picked for their group”. 

Um, what was with the drunk white girl LOL?  That shit was hilarious.  LIKE OH MY GAWD, I LOOOVE YOU GUYS!  But my favorite part was when Willie said he had a “girlfriend”, she said “where’s Diddy?”.  LOL!  Bitch ain’t waste no time.  She was like fuck it, I’m on vacation and I want one of these big black muthafuckas to rock my world!  But isn’t Willie married?  What the fuck was the girlfriend thing all about.

These niggas para-sailing!  Robert is mad as hell that he got his new Jordans wet!  WHY are you para sailing with sneakers on?  Black men would wear sneakers in the bed if a bitch would let they ass!  Take that shit OFF.

Is Brian officially the only dude in music still wearin’ corn rows? 

Seemed like the only one missing Que’s junky ass was Brian!  How sweet.  Brian called Que to check on him.  Ummm, did I just hear his message right.  He said that the other “brothers” were asleep AND they really wanted to holla at him!  Which one is it? 

I think next week for Part 2 of the finale I am going to keep a tally of how many times they say brother!

See what I told ya!  Dawn dried those damn tears and she’s lookin’ to take care of herself!  That’s right, you got to.  Those bitches didn’t think about you when they started fuckin’ up.  Now she and Que are on the way to her Vibe Magazine photo shoot!  Dawn, boo, you couldn’t take a quick razor to them underarms before you did a bikini shoot?  I’m just askin’…Other than that, bitch worked that shit out!  Dawn really is the shit! 

Here goes Que wallowing in his own purple haze self pity! 

Back at sea, Day 26 can’t figure out how to rearrange their formations without Que’s ass.  It ain’t that damn hard.  Get ya’lls shit together! 

Poor Donnie can’t even take his shirt off anymore.  We need to put out an APB on his 6 pack cuz that shit is missing! 

Day after the show, Big Mike and Robert agreed that the show was fine without Que.  They think Brian was distracted by Que’s absence, but to me, he was the only one on stage giving 100%! 

Next week:  Live Finale.  Day 26 and Donnie are going to perform.  Diddy said that maybe all of Danity Kane will be there.  Yeah right. 

What did ya’ll think of Part 1?  You think DK will be at the live finale?

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