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Let the Glambert Backlash Begin…

Didn’t I tell ya’ll that Adam Lambert should’ve just sang and called it a night on Sunday at the AMAs?  Now ABC has announced that they’ve pulled the plug on his scheduled Good Morning America performance!  I say good for them!

I don’t give a damn about him kissing a man.  I truly don’t think ABC does either.  After all, they do air Brothers & Sisters and Modern Family, both of which have openly gay characters who frequently kiss and display intimacy on the show.  The problem is that you can’t simulate oral sex, gay or straight, on live, national fucking television!  What the hell was he thinking?  Which one of his “people” told him that shit was a good idea?

Superstars have been getting fined for decades simulating sexual acts on stage in concert!  So he damn sure needs to at least get  fine for that bullshit stunt he pulled the other night on tv.  I guess he sees how much shock value is accepted in this country!

People watch award shows to laugh and feel good, not to take Head 101! 

Do you think ABC was right or wrong?

…Vine…in a minute

Whitney, The Party Is Over….Or Is It?

I know everybody wit a TV watched Whitney choke on Good Morning America today!  Was that not just a sad moment in music history?  Sorry, but it was.

Clearly, smoking cigarettes, “etc.”, has taken its toll on Whitney’s voice.  It ain’t comin back.  SHE might have a come back, but her voice is still wearing a bad, curly wig sanging “I Will Always Love You”!  Ever since Whitney struggled through “Count On Me”during the Grammys and CeCe Winans had to pick up the slack, I accepted that she was gone.  But here’s what I can’t accept.  How is her own mama not gonna tell her she cain’t sang no more?

It’s like they’re still exploiting a still high as a kite sober Whitney just like they did when she was on that shit!  ALL of her ‘people’ knew she was incapable of sounding like a half way decent singer on GMA, but nobody said peep!  THAT is foul as shit! 

And did ya’ll see Whitney say “fuck it, I’m bored” and walk off the stage BEFORE I’m Every Woman was over?  Admit it, you laughed.  I know I did.  Diane and Robin were standing there looking at each other like what the fuck is wrong with this bitch? 

It was a train wreck of epic proportions!  I suggest Whitney fans mourn her former voice and accept that it ain’t neva comin’ back.  The way she was running and skippin round the stage looked like she’s still keepin the party going on the DL.  Just sayin…

What did ya’ll think of the performance?

…in a minute

Lawd-a-Mercy…Britney Spears on GMA

Britney Spears performed Circus on Good Morning America this morning and that’s exactly what it was…a damn 3 ring circus!  WHY is this bitch still gettin’ plug?  If her name were Shaniqua Spears or LaShonda Spears, she wouldn’t have gotten one MTV Award after that fiasco a couple years ago and she damn sure wouldn’t have been asked to Good Morning America!

We all know the heffa can’t sing, but at least the bitch used to could dance.  Now, she can’t even fucking do that shit right!  So what’s the point.  She looked like she had to take two steps back to prepare for that kick didn’t she?  Just a pathetic attempt to swindle ya’lls muthafuckin’ money.  Don’t buy this shit.  Let Britney Spears fade away into VH1 Where Are They Now obscurity!

In a minute…

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