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Chris & Rihanna Wrestlemania Update…

And it don’t stop!  Hollywood & Vineknow that everybody on Earth is talkin about how Chris Brown busted up Rihanna over the weekend.  Well, H&V can exclusively reveal to you why he did it.

Our sources at MTV tell us that after leaving the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, Chris and Rihanna began to argue.  The initial jump off of Brown’s anger was finding out that Princess Rihanna gave him herpes!  Allegedly, outside the party he yelled “you sucked Snoop, Usher AND Clive Davis dicks?”  We hope none of ya’ll were still eating while thinking about Clive Davis old ass gettin his dick sucked!

Moving on…after he continued to talk shit to her, she swung on him first!  No, that doesn’t give him open season on her face, but we just sayin.  Finally, he started bankin on her ass!  By this time, more muthafuckas started coming outside being nosey.  That’s when Chris took the fuck off!

Now we ain’t sayin Chris was right, but women need to learn that men have emotions, too!  Stop pushin niggas buttons!  Yeah, we know we gone get flack for that, but we keeps it real from our seats.

Chris, don’t get mad about herpes boo!  Plenty of women will still fuck the shit outta you AND a few will still suck your dick!  Trust, if Clive Davis is gettin his BenGay smellin dick sucked, then you can too!

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Chris & Rihanna…2009 Ike & Tina

Lord Jesus!  What is wrong with this little boy Chris Brown?

Evidently, on the way home from Clive Davis’ Grammy party Chris Brown and Rihanna got into a fight.  They were pissed enough to pull the car over and fight in front of muthafuckas.  Well, they say Chris put foot to ass on Rihanna.  Bruises are visible on Rihanna’s face, so she had to cancel her Grammy’s performance tonight.  Brown had to cancel, as well, because he turned himself to police today after being named a subject of investigation for felony domestic battery! 

Rihanna’s publicist claims she was in a traffic accident, but is fine now.  Yeah, she crashed…into Chris Brown’s fist.  We could insert an umbrella joke, but we won’t!

Seriously, this little nigga needs to stay away from Rihanna.  She brings out something in him that he needs to suppress.  He’s been fighting and shit since they started dating!  He needs to calm the fuck down and she needs to go on with her life.  Damn they ain’t even old enough to buy fucking drinks!  Allegedly, of course.

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