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Rick Ross Cleaning House?

It appears that Rick Ross is cleaning house and he’s starting with Triple C’s.  These days, Triple C’s seems to stand for Can’t Cut Checks more than Carol City Cartel, but we digress!  In June, Triple C’s were absent as Ross’s arm candy for the BET Awards.  Now their asses were nowhere to be found at the recent BET Hip Hop Awards.  Ross is ALWAYS with Flo-Rida, a fellow Poe Boy artist. 

Granted, they did a show in the Bahamas during that time in June, BUT everyone on Earth attended the BET Hip Hop Awards.  Why weren’t they there?  Hollywood and Vine think he’s done with his boys and moving on to bigger and better projects!  The Black Flag was supposed to be released in August 2007.  It’s damn near 2009!  Clearly, someone waved the white flag at their asses and said fuck it, we give up!  Legendary!

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