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Kardashian Sister Continues to Lower the Bar…

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

First I had to talk about Jennifer Hudson earlier today.  NowKourtney Kardashian is allegedly knocked up@@  What the hell is wrong with everyone in Hollyweird?

I thought it was annoying as shit when dogs in overpriced Louis Vuitton carrying cases were the accessory of choice for celebrities.  Now it’s children!  As in, they are responsible for raising another human being!  Kourtney isn’t even honest enough to tell the world that she didn’t really cut her hair, just took out her tracks!  How the fuck is she gonna raise a child?

Not to mention her mom is the closest thing to a female version of Joe Jackson walking the planet, pimping out her own kids for a dolla.  This entire pregnancy reeks of publicity for her new show!  She hasn’t even said who her baby daddy is.  So you know that will come out if/when ratings need a boost.

Like I said before, I am sick of this!  What happened to the sanctity of marriage?  I know, this is very Fox News of me, but shit.  Who is gonna put a stop to this bullshit and say ENOUGH???  People are on blogs, Twitter and Facebook congratulating this broad like she did something to be proud of!

I see Hollywood and I are gonna have to get back on calling a spade a spade!  Enough is enough already!  Children are precious, as much as they bug me.  Choosing to have one and raising them should not be taken lightly.  Please people, stop giving props to people doing this bullshit!  It’s time to look to real muthafuckas to raise the bar, not lower it like these people!

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Jennifer Hudson Gives Birth…

Before I say what I really think, first I’d like to congratulate Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga (LOL) on their newborn son, David Daniel Otunga, Jr.  Mother and child are healthy and happy, which is most important!

Now…REALLY JENNIFER HUDSON?  Really?  You are engaged and planning your wedding for the love of Peter, Joseph and all the saints!  You and that man couldn’t wait till you said “I do” to get pregnant?  Ya’ll couldn’t have been more than 6 more months from the wedding date.  Come on now. 

What is wrong with people nowadays?  Does anyone give a shit anymore or are we a nation full of people who don’t give a fuck about having babies without being married?

I know some of ya’ll are gonna be mad at me, but I don’t give a damn!  It’s how I feel.  There’s a reason shit wasn’t so crazy in the old school.  People had home training.  Folks out there having babies like they’re going out of style.  I’m tired of people and their baby mamas and their baby daddies.  You can call it a fiance, but shit’s still the same.  Please believe it.

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Super Bowl Sunday…H&V Style

Too much going on this beautiful Sunday afternoon for Hollywood & Vine to do a wrap-up at the end of the night.  So we’ll just get shit off our chests as the game progresses.

First of all, great to see Jennifer Hudson doing what she does best.  Of course it’s not dressing herself appropriately, it’s sangin’!  Did that bitch not sang the fuck outta the National Anthem.  You better work!  THAT is how you make a comeback Mickey Rourke!

Did anyone peep the Budweiser commercial with the horses and the circus?  What the fuck was that all about?  Damn, even black female horses are gettin shafted by black male horses!  Did ya’ll see this muthafuckin black horse breakin lose and jumpin across rivers and shit to get to the white horse who left for the circus?  It’s racial! 

That Cheetos commercial bombed if you ask H&V.  Why the fuck would anyone want to go out and buy Cheetos because a bunch of nasty ass pigeons were feeding on them underneath some airheads chair at a cafe?  Pigeons eat any fucking thing…Cheetos ain’t special!

H&V need some uppers after that bullshit of a downer performance by Bruce Springsteen!  Who made that suggestion?  Fire their ass.  Janet’s titty done fucked it up for music with rhythm at the Superbowl!

Second half was a nail biter if you gave a shit about either team…we didn’t.  Seriously, it was a damn good second half, but we don’t want this fools name to be Santonio!  Santonio?  For real?

H&V thinks all the commercials sucked!  Not one was entertaining or made us want to buy some shit.  They could have replayed the Life Water commercial from last year with Naomi Campbell doing the “Thriller” dance instead of this bullshit.

What did you guys think about the game and commercials?

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FINALLY…William Balfour Officially Charged!

Perez Hilton

Photo Source: Perez Hilton

Chicago Police have FINALLY officially charged William Balfour’s ignorant ass with the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew!  It seemed like an eternity, but Hollywood & Vine are glad that prosecutors ensured an airtight case before moving forward.  We do NOT want this nigga getting’ off due to any technicalities!


This muthafucka was being held on a parole violation.  It really pisses H&V off when the system fails us.  He should have BEEN locked up for violating his parole.


We hope that they bust his ass wide open in prison for what he did, especially to a child!  Balfour is truly a waste of space on this earth!  Lock this nigga up and throw away the keep…put him up unda the fucking jail, PLEASE!


Though this won’t bring back Jennifer’s family members, we hope that it at least gives her some relief to know that this piece of shit loser if off the streets and isn’t a threat to her, her sister or anyone else’s loved ones!


Burn in hell nigga…


Joshua Kutnick, Balfour’s attorney, told People that his client “did not commit these crimes.”  He went on to say “The delay between the crimes and his actual arrest show weaknesses in the case. This case is not a strong case against William. He is a convenient suspect.”

So he has a piece of shit attorney, too?!  Have a bit of tact and not give a damn interview to People Magazine for the love of all that’s sacred!

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