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The Real Housewives of OC: 12.30.08 Wrap-Up

What’s with these bitches putting their handbags on the fucking ground?  Do you know what kind of nasty shit has been on that ground?  Disgusting!  Vicki and her fat ass daughter did some mother/daughter bonding this episode.  We were hoping Brianne  was pregnant, but unfortunately it’s just fat!  And whoever picked out those shoes for Vicki should remain on the payroll because that’s the cutest shit Vicki’s ass owns!

We see that Slade is still a puppy dog for Jo.  That woman can do no wrong in his eyes.  We saw why when she pulled off that jacket.  Jo is annoying, but bitch was working the shit out of that dress!  We ain’t mad at her.  But um, Jo knows good and hell well that she can’t sing her way out of a Vlasic pickle jar. 

Lynne can be obsessed with being young all she wants, but she ain’t!  Lynne looks old as sin.  Just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you look young.  This bitch’s forearms have wrinkles.  How do your forearms get wrinkles?  With those 70 year old woman lookin hands.  Did you see them being tanned?  Lynne and her daughters looked like carrots in that spray booth!

Hold up!  Tamra‘s dad left her mom after almost 3 decades of marriage for her friend!  We woulda whooped that bitch’s ass, number one…his number two!  That explains a lot about Tamra’s messy ass!  Is this not the messiest bitch on tv?  She should be happy that Gretchen didn’t slap the shit out of her for that out of line bullshit she said at dinner.  Why the fuck would you open your mouth to question someone else about how they’re handling their fiance having Cancer?  Tamra don’t know where the fuck she would go…Bass Lake or Vegas!  Hollywood or Vine sho nuff woulda caused a scene if she said that shit to one of us!  We wonder how Tamra is going to act when her tattoo gettin, baby makin crazy ass son comes out!  Just saying…

If we have to see Vicki in that damn top one more time, we might scream.  That low cut number with the cap sleeves and the built in jeweled belt at the waist.  How the fuck many of the same top did she get in different colors?  It ain’t that damn cute! 

Raquel is a fucking obnoxious little bitch!  How the fuck is she gonna bully her little sister into giving up her cute little outfit for her to wear?  This bitch is like a bridezilla in the  making.  All the shopping they did and all the clothes in that house and she didn’t know until right before her fucking birthday party that she didn’t like that stripper get up?  Poor Alexa looked so uncomfortable in that dress.  We think she switched dresses just so Raquel would shut the fuck up!  All this brat does is complain.  She better be glad she has white parents because there wouldn’t have been a party and damn sure not a brand new BMW if her parents were black!  Can you imagine a black daddy buying a brand new BMW for a spoiled bitch like this?

Lynne didn’t really tell her 15 year old daughter that she looked “classy” in a dress that barely covered her fucking ass.  Someone tell us that we heard her wrong!  Short, unattractive skater boy was right!  Alexa did look like a stripper.  Then to make matters worse, Lynne says that the dress is one of hers!  Lynne, sweetie, you have not been young or looked young in probably 20 years!  Walking around looking like a whore ain’t doing shit but makin you look like an old bitch trying unsuccessfully to hold onto her youth.  Take a page out of Jeana‘s book!  Bitch is aging with more grace than the rest of ya’ll!

Now, the dinner with all the ladies changed some shit for H&V.  We used to like Vicki, but damn she was ruder than usual trying to question Lynne!  Shit, Lynne has just as much right to direct the conversation as the other broads.  Speaking of Lynne, we are feeling her a lot more after seeing how she let them know fuck, I don’t get out that much so when I do, I don’t want to talk about no damn kids or Cancer, period!  People don’t always want to hear that shit!  The whole dinner was  just a disaster.  Vicki with her jealous ass.  No, Lynne shouldn’t get a job, not if she doesn’t have to.  Just because Vicki works like a dog to avoid her miserable life doesn’t mean everyone else should!  We’re disappointed in Vicki lately.  And Tamra with that unhealthy hair.  She needs to just cut if off and start over!  She was wrong for that shit.  We ain’t feelin her!

On a serious note, we truly hope that Gretchen’s husband Jeff makes a full recovery.  But he if she doesn’t stop fucking him while he’s in the ICU, he don’t stand a chance!

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