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Celebrities on Twitter…Our Thoughts

As ya’ll know, there are a ton of celebrities on Twitter.  H&V don’t follow all of them, but we follow a few and must speak on it.  Actually, one in particular irritated the shit outta Vine this morning.   But we figured, why single his ass out?!

Britney Spears – She and her people Tweet sometimes.  She might even follow you.  MIGHT!  Compared to other celebs with 60,000 followers who only follow 15 of their fucking fans like Donnie Wahlberg, Britney is more in the spirit of things!

Ashton Kutcher– The supposed Mayor of Twitterville/King of Twitter probably won’t find you important enough to follow, but he occasionally responds to his admirers.

Guiliana Rancic – She’s fun to follow.  Doesn’t take herself too seriously and definitely interacts with everyone.  She even dishes on celebrities from time to time.

Shaq– Funny as shit to follow.  He pretty much responds to all @replies.  So once you get used to skipping over shit that has nothing to do with you, it’s cool.  He’s been known to leave game tickets at Will Call for his Tweeps.

Lamar Odom – Love him on Twitter!  He’s a witty muthafucka.  Read some of his @replies to fans.  He has charisma!  He won’t sit for hours on end talking to people, but he’ll give as many fans as possible attention a good 20-30 minutes almost daily!  And he’s fine as fuck!

Perez Hilton – Unless you’re a celebrity or think he can say/do no wrong, he won’t acknowledge you.

Marvet Britto– For all ya’ll in PR or getting into PR, you need to follow her ass.  Still one of the baddest bitches in the game.  She gives up PR knowledge daily.  She won’t follow you back, but she does respond to pretty much all questions.

Jim Jones – worth following just to try and decipher his damn updates and read about his crazy antics.

Kelly Rowland – Love her!  She’s sweet and down to earth.  Like we all didn’t know that.  She talks about her life on the daily.  She might follow you if you ask her to and she’ll more than likely respond to your @reply.

Paula Abdul – She responds to every fucking body!  She loves being able to speak directly to her fans.  She tweets about Idol a lot, too.

June Ambrose– God love her and she’s talented as hell, but she tweets too damn much.  We both had to unfollow her.  It’s too much.

Solange Knowles– She’s another one who tweets too much, BUT at least she’s funny sometimes.  Like the other day when she was out and the DJ at the spot wouldn’t play her request so she called him a dickhead LOL!

MC Hammer – There are no words.  You must follow him to understand.

Brandy – She keeps it real!  She even talked about Unique the other day!

Evan Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross – We think both of these are fakes!

Derek Hough– He’s a crack up!  Tweetin’ about how Lil Kim comes like 3 hours late to rehearsal and even takes pics of the clock LOL!

Star Jones – We don’t give a fuck what anyone says, we like Star.  She’s honest, but not too over the top!  She probably won’t follow you, but she will respond to you!

Tyrese – He’s hilarious.  Worth the follow.  He might actually speak to non-celebrity followers, too.

Fantasia – Fake account.  The real Fantasia is not on Twitter! 

Day 26 – Can’t stand these pretentious barely celebrities!  They do not follow their fans nor do they respond!  How the fuck you gonna be traveling around promoting your album and when fans ask when and where you’ll be making an appearance, you don’t respond to them?  What the hell kinda sense does that make?  Day 26, ya’ll are pissing off your fans…with ya’ll down low asses (allegedly)!

We’ll be updating this list from time to time so check back!

Any other celebrity Twitter insight?  Tell H&V all about it!

H&V…in a minute

Bravo’s 2009 A-List Awards

Okay, Kathy and the Gays were hilarious in the opening number, but let’s cut the shit.  Did ya’ll see Greedy Gretchen and Slade in the audience together?  Hmmm.  Maybe there’s something to the rumors. 

Then during Neil Patrick Harris‘ win for A-List Actor, did you not LOVE that Bethenny had a better seat than Kelly AND NeNe had a better seat than Sheree??  YES!  I LOVE THIS SHIT!

Aight now back to the actual show.  Kathy looks fucking fantastic!  She FINALLY got the hair right.  Her body is ridiculous these days and even her gown was a hit! 

Miss Millionaire Matchmaker was there.  She looked like she got her bangs freshly trimmed for the show.  That boyfriend of hers must blow her shit out because he is not attractive…and damn sure ain’t worth dating for four years, at least on the outside and isn’t that what matters?  Come on, we’ve seen Patty’s open casting!  She sends people home for having thin hair!

I love Kelly Rowland, but I didn’t like that curly weave.  She let her souuuuul glow with that one!  Way too Eric LaSalle in Coming to America for her pretty face and my taste.

Um, who invited Sanjaya and his receding hairline?  They were tryna be funny!  And what about Padma and that Lil Wayne look alike with her?  I hope she’s not tryna out a Heidi Klum fetish.  Yuck, not a good look…or a good looking man for that matter.

Tim Gunn just presented an award for A-List designer to Marchesa, but they didn’t give a fuck enough to show up!  So Rachel Zoe accepted on their behalf.

I gotta say that Shanna Moakler’s intro to Greedy Gretchen for the Reality Award was funny as hell!  And I love that Greedy Gretchen openly agreed with Shanna’s shit talking about Tacky Tamra and Vicki’s old ass!  I’m sorry, but Slade has a thing for her.  He was staring at her like he use to stare at Jo.  Gretchen ain’t thinkin’ about his ass, even if they are together!

The A-List Reality Guilty Pleasure Award went to NeNe.  She has been eating WELL since the show wrapped!  DAYUM GIRL!  Is she pregnant?  Talk about pink elephant in the room.  Aight, that’s my girl so let me move on.  She and Sheree are clearly friends again.  Can’t say as much about her and Kim.  Bitch ain’t bust one smile when everyone was screamin’ for NeNe.  Jealousy is an even worse look for her than that bag wig!

A-List Male Style nominees are Daniel Craig, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham (THANK YOU JESUS) and Anderson Cooper!  The award goes to Justin Timberlake.  Well I know his ass ain’t show up at this shit!

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney came out to introduce Raphael Saddiq and even though Kourtney said his name wrong, they did aight.  While they’re doing their thing, two quick tidbits about Raphael.  We think he’s fucking his backup singer…the female in the white jacket.  However, has has fucked a man.  The guy lives in either Oakland or Emeryville.  Ummm, who are the three off beat broads that he pulled on stage?  Especially the one in the pink dress.  BOOOOO!

Paris and Tyson Beckford are up to present for Sexiest TV Moment.  The L Word elevator scene got the award, even though Paris pronounced it the “L WORLD”. 

Did anyone she the toothless dude in the audience?  Oh GAWD that was hard to watch.

Back to the lesbians.  Kathy decided to call up Aubrey O’Day, the former singer turned high class stripper who’s apparently to fat to even do that now, so they could make out in honor of Kathy coming out tonight!  I know a lot of people are wondering what Aubrey has been doing since Diddy kicked her ass out of Danity Kane and now we know……she’s been eating!

Padma Sashimi came out walkin’ like she was drunk to intro the people reading from celebrity autobiographies.  Tori Spelling won!  Her speech was funny, but she talked too damn long!

A-List Humanitarian went to Natasha Richardson.  Too sad to watch.

Here we go…Real Housewives Fashion Show is up next.  This is bout to be a hot ghetto mess!!  Oh Lord, Paris is the celebrity fashion critic for the night.  Who is she to judge when she has a wig on that looks like a wig?

So far all bad, especially Tacky Tamra.  Shit, to me Jeana in that red dress looked better than the skinny bitches.  LISA WU, YOU BETTA WORK BITCH!!  Lynne looked like she was going to the beach.  BOO!!!  Kelly supposedly was a model, but why did she look like an amateur on the catwalk?  NeNe might be big, but bitch ain’t lost a step.  She worked the shit outta that runway!  Gretchen looked cute.  But Bethenny looked GREAT!  This bitch had on BOOTY SHORTS!  I love her!

Sorry, got sidetracked/bored.  Had to take a Twitter break.

A-List Funny went to Chelsea Handler.  We love her! 

Whole lotta shit happened tonight.  I’m only one bitch…and this bitch is tired!  Oops, the repeat just came on.  Rachel Zoe has on a wedding ring, so she must still be married to that gay dude.

Aight, let me stop.  I haven’t even gotten to Kathy’s She’ll Cut A Bitch yet.  I’ll leave you with these 3 words…EASY CHRIS BROWN!!!

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Matthew Knowles, you ARE the father…allegedly!

After all these years of talk about Kelly Rowland being Matthew Knowles illegitimate daughter, this nigga done finally responded.  We guess after Russell Simmons puts you on blast about it, you kinda have to at that point.

Sergeant Knowles contacted Media Takeout saying that basically it’s sad people are spreading “rumors” about Kelly being his daughter. 

Well we don’t give a fuck what he said!  Matthew, you ARE the father!  Seriously though, Russell Simmons is the most prominent thing in urban music.  He knows every damn body.  Like he don’t know the real. 

And if that ain’t proof enough, Beyonce tellin’ Kelly all those terrible songs on her terrible albums were good is proof positive that Bey had to get her back just a little bit for being the product of her daddy’s love affair wit Kelly’s mama! 

in a minute…


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