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Khlomar Finally Signs A Prenup…

According to Perez Hilton, Khloe Kardashian finally struck gold came to terms with Lamar Odom’s attorney’s and signed that damn prenup!

Evidently, Lamar will bank roll a joint account while the two of them are “married” and will annually put a lump sum of money into an account for Khloe that she can touch when if they get divorced.  He also bought their new set for their upcoming tv show home.

Not to worry.  Now that the prenup is signed, Kris will design some new shit to keep her cash cow daughter in the news!

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Khloe’s Prenup Demands…

Even though Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom (Khlomar) recently shot their fake wedding for E! married, they still have not signed a prenup.  Translation – they ain’t legally married or else it would be a postnup.

Anyway, Khloe and her pimpin ass mama has laid out a few demands that she wants met in the prenup that include:

their new house, $25,000 per month for alimony, $5,000 per month for shopping, $1,000 per month for beauty care, a new car at the end of every lease cycle, $7,000 a month for coke, $9,000 for food and courtside Lakers tickets for her entire family

Ain’t that a bitch!  Who does this bitch think she is?  That is why this sham of a marriage is going to last even less time than we originally thought!  Everyone talked shit about Kelis being a gold digger for wanting $55,000/month from Nas!  Why aren’t people, bloggers included, not talkin that same shit about Khloe’s ass?  Get the fuck outta here.  If that ain’t some gold digger shit, I don’t know what is.  This bitch doesn’t even have one of his kids!

She and her groupie ass sisters are supposed to be such boss bitches, why can’t they get courtside seats on their own?  They really need their half sister’s pussy to get them some damn tickets?

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Booty Pad Alert…

We don’t feel like any other bloggers gave adequate attention to LaLa Vasquez and that fake ass she packed in her ugly purple dress to Khloe and Lamar’s faux wedding!

Photo Courtesy of Necole Bitchie

Photo Courtesy of Necole Bitchie

Did LaLa really think that anyone would believe that was her ass?  She’s obviously been hanging out with Kim and her butt pad wearing ass too long!  She looks like she stuffed the tracks hair she removed shaved off the side of her head in her panties!  At least take the new booty out for a test drive before you wear it to the filming of a tv show wedding celebration!  Even Brittany Gastineau is looking like “how did I end up with LaLa and her rent-a-booty as my date?”.

Who thought that shit was real?  Tell the truth.

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Khlomar’s Shotgun Wedding Day Has Arrived…

Courtesy of MissXpose

Courtesy of MissXpose

Let the sham begin!  Today is the day that Lamar Odom will say I do to giving away half of his small fortune to Khloe Kardashian in 7 months when they divorce…if the first season of their show has finished filming, that is.

Just a few bullet points to catch ya’ll up:

–  Joe “I hit women” Francis threw Lamar a bachelor party at STK, where he made his teammates wait over an hour for his late arrival.  Derek Fisher said fuck it and went home!  Luke “let’s go to Paris so I can talk some sense into you” Walton was not said to be in attendance.  He’s also not a groomsman.  (via TMZ)

– There is still no prenup.  Evidently, Khlomar’s attorney’s didn’t have adequate time to put together a document that will give Khloe enough money when they divorce that was suitable for both parties.  So they’re working on a postnup.  (via Perez)

–  Today’s wedding will not be a legal ceremony.  No marriage license will be signed until after the postnup is complete. (via Perez)

–  Lamar’s own children were not invited to the wedding!  Probably explains why his parents won’t be in attendance either.

–  The entire Lakers team was invited.  Kobe has not RSVPd yet!  (via Baller Alert)

–  Lamar’s baby mama said she did not have a meltdown.  She wants only happiness for him.  She also said that his family has shown her nothing but support.

–  Word is that Lamar is firing all of his “people”.  (via Baller Alert)

My thoughts (Hollywood’s too b/c we’ve talked about it)…since when does Lamar Odom hang around with trash like Joe Francis?  He’s already caught up in the machine and is too dumb to realize it.  Is getting your shine in 2009 that important?  This nigga one step away from selling his soul to the devil behind this bullshit.  Fire your people and let Kris manage your career…your ass will end up selling donuts on Canadian tv like Gary Coleman’s ass.

If it’s truly about love, then why won’t the bitch sign the prenup that was allegedly already presented to her?  Is Lamar color blind cuz we see all kinds of red flags being waved.

Speaking of true love, why the fuck aren’t your kids going to be there?  Wouldn’t you want them to see “daddy” marrying the love of his life?  Wouldn’t you want them to be there to celebrate and share the stinch love that will be in the air?

Kobe ain’t gonna be nowhere near the “intimate” celebration today!  He’s at home getting ready for practice to start…where yo ass need to be, nigga (in my Chris Tucker voice)!  I know Vanessa is mad about this shit.  She is the one who’s supposed to shine at games.  Ya’ll thought she was glittery and shit before.  We ain’t seen nothin yet!

Glad to hear that Lamar’s family is rollin’ with his baby moms!  They know scally wag tom foolery when they see it and won’t be a part of this mockery of marriage taking place today.  By the way, 250 fucking people should never be described as intimate!

UPDATE:  Kobe DID attend the wedding!  I expected more from him.

Donkey of the Year!!!


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It’s Almost Official…

Word on the street is that Lamar Odumb and Khloe Kardashian are tying the knot this Sunday!  Ain’t this a bitch?  He broke up with beautiful ass, Academy Award nominated actress Taraji P. Henson for this shit?

She’s allegedly signed a pre-nup, but that doesn’t mean shit!  This has to be one of biggest donkey moves of 2009!  I’ve had periods that last longer than they’ve been dating!

Hollywood is willing to bet money that the bitch is pregnant.  We both think that Kim will A) steal the show and B) do what she can to fuck up their relationship…she always does with her messy, jealous of her sisters ass!

Kris taught them well.

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Here Comes the Bride…

According to E! News, Lamar Odom‘s stupid black ass is likely to marry cocaine hiding in her purse but never sniffed it Khloe Kardashian!

All sense ain’t common!  They’ve been fucking for 2 weeks and now they’re in love and talking rings?  This has Kardashian publicity stunt written all over it.  How could a responsible parent even think about marrying a stranger when they have kids?  Shouldn’t that be your number one concern, not some reality tv pussy?

Bitch tryna say “I do” before the season starts, watch!  I can’t even believe this shit.  He better get focused and not fuck around with our road to another ring.  I know Kobe is like didn’t this nigga learn from me? Leave these hoes alone!

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Lamar Odom Can’t Be Serious…

Courtesy of MissXpose

Courtesy of MissXpose

I am so sick of this shit!  Every time I turn on the computer I see one of the Kardashian women pimpin’ some rich, black athlete!  What’s worse is that the niggas fall for the shit hook, line and sinker! 

Lamar Odom is the latest in Khloe Kardashian’s string of black athletes.  With all of the NATURALLY beautiful, single black women in Hollywood, THIS is who he takes out to dinner?  Sanaa Lathan!  Keri Washington!  Taraji P. Henson!  What gives?  I know, politically incorrect, but Hollywood & Vine ARE politically incorrect!

Khloe is by far the coolest of the bunch, but bitch ain’t bad!  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Lamar Odom and all these other negroes out there sport coatin’ these bitches need to do better!  It’s a shame that now I’m gonna have to start recognizing black men who still date black women!

And Lamar Odom, what the fuck are you wearing?  Looking like a valet.

She’ll be onto someone new before NBA pre-season!  Please believe it.

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