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Will LaToya Jackson Be Dancing With the Stars?

Word on the street is that LaToya Jackson will be one of the celebrities flocking to the next season of Dancing With the Stars.  I know a lot of people think it’s hella inappropriate, but I say go head then LaToya!

Her publicist wouldn’t confirm or deny, but would only say that she’s a huge fan of the show! 

None of us grieves in the same way, period!  Who are we to say that she is not “properly” grieving the loss of her brother by appearing on a reality show, technically?  We don’t know!  Maybe LaToya needs something to distract her from thinking about Michael day and night.  I say more power to her. 

HOWEVA, if she does the show, bitch betta come out dancing like Mel B!  And please give her someone with flava like Louis Van Amstel or that sexy muthafucka who danced with Marlee Matlin, since Maks said he’s out this season!

Expect live blogs from me if LaToya is on the show.  We will know on Monday morning!

…in a minute…Vine


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