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NeNe Goes OFF on Michael Lohan…

Now THIS is must see TV!  NeNe Leakes was on the panel at The Insider and a few choice words for Michael Lohan’s punk ass!  What kind of trash cusses at a woman and tells her to promote a weight loss system?  He showed exactly who he is!  NeNe was right, he don’t want any of her and he damn well knows it.  She’d whoop his fucking ass, punk bitch!  Sorry son of a bitch pretending to help his daughter on one hand and pattin’ Jon Gosselin on the back with the other!  We don’t even like Lindsay Lohan, but damnit if she didn’t get dealt two shitty ass parents!  I’d be an addict, too!

Team NeNe or Team Douchebag Lohan?

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Lindsay Lohan on Obama’s Win

Chic Girls Blog

Photo Source: Chic Girls Blog

How the hell did Hollywood and Vine miss this bit of ridiculousness?  It seems that during a November 11 interview with Access Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan referred to President-elect Barack Obama as the nation’s first “colored President”.  Um, can this bitch finally be black-balled once and for all?  We are so tired of this junkie piece of trash.  She wouldn’t like it if we referred to her lesbian relationship in a fucked a manner, would she?  Why is this broad still being interviewed?

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