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LisaRaye/Gary Payton Update

Bad news travels fast!  Who knew that all this time Gary Payton was carrying on an affair with LisaRaye?  Hollywood and Vine are ACTUALLY surprised.  The only affair we knew about was the one with the blonde haired, light skinned woman who lives in Oakland.  We won’t name names, but we will say that the poor baby did not even know GP was getting married until the day of his wedding!  Bless her heart.

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LisaRaye – Turks & caicHOs

A real life war of the roses was going on in the Presidential Palace.  Why the fuck did she stay on that island is our question?  Hollywood and Vine’s sources on TCI say that LisaRaye is all but an enemy to the island.  It is reported that a physical confrontation ensued Wednesday after LisaRaye confronted her gay ass husband at the mansion about his alleged affair with BET’s Rocsi.   LisaRaye, girlfriend, WHY are you even concerned?  You have allegedly done your dirt AND you know good and hell well your husband is gay!  Let go, let flow!

Yeah, we’ll give it to Lisa.  She is bad as shit for a 41 year old woman, but DAYUM GINA!  You know you need to stop playing these games.  Just leave the Turks before you let the Chicago in you come ALLLLL the way out.  They ain’t ready!  You don’t have anything to prove sweetie.  You are married to the gay ass “Premier” of the Turks and Caicos.  Leave that faggot, young woman banging, crooked teeth BET personality lovin’ ass “diplomat” and get it crackin’ with GP (Gary Payton).  If you and GP are going to do your thang, then do it!  It’s not worth it.  You are far too pretty to have MoFos beating on you!

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