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Matthew Knowles, you ARE the father…allegedly!

After all these years of talk about Kelly Rowland being Matthew Knowles illegitimate daughter, this nigga done finally responded.  We guess after Russell Simmons puts you on blast about it, you kinda have to at that point.

Sergeant Knowles contacted Media Takeout saying that basically it’s sad people are spreading “rumors” about Kelly being his daughter. 

Well we don’t give a fuck what he said!  Matthew, you ARE the father!  Seriously though, Russell Simmons is the most prominent thing in urban music.  He knows every damn body.  Like he don’t know the real. 

And if that ain’t proof enough, Beyonce tellin’ Kelly all those terrible songs on her terrible albums were good is proof positive that Bey had to get her back just a little bit for being the product of her daddy’s love affair wit Kelly’s mama! 

in a minute…


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