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Michael Strahan: Will he or won’t he?

It seems that the New York Giants are trying to bring Michael Strahan out of retirement.  Ever since Osi Umenyiora was helped off the field due to a season ending injury, the old geezers in the back office have been scrambling to come up with an enticing enough deal for Strahan.  Hollywood is surprised that they are only offering him $8 million for one season.


Why has this potential transaction brought out so many damn haters?  That’s what Hollywood and Vine want to know.  Newsday.com wrote an article entitled “Will Strahan return to fill the GAP?”  That is so ridiculous and his teeth have shit to do with his talent@@


Other than trying to be funny by mentioning the man’s gap, we are peeved by those comparing him to Michael Jordan’s comeback to the NBA.  Sorry sweet thang, but it’s not the same.  Strahan hasn’t even been out of the game for a season.  All he has missed is training camp.  Michael Jordan was out of the league for years before making that half assed return.  By the time Jordan returned to the game, not only had it changed, but he was not as respected by ACTUAL players as he was with the general public.  We all remember A.I. punishing Jordan and making a poster child of him for SportsCenter to show for about 3 weeks to come, right?  People were OUT to make Jordan look like the sucka that he is.  The same is not true of Strahan in the opinion of Hollywood and Vine.  Not only that, but Strahan has his manhood to keep in check for his beautiful ass girlfriend, Nicole Murphy.  Nothing like the pieces of trash that Michael Jordan is known for taking care of and “dating”!  



Even though Vine thinks that he should stay retired and Hollywood is all for the ‘comeback’, we both support Michael Strahan’s decision no matter what.  Whatever you do, you best to bring it!


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