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Inauguration Tuesday Recap…Hollywood & Vine Style

Hollywood & Vine watched a lot of television today…from CNN to MSNBC to ABC!  In true H&V form, we have plenty of shit to say!  We’ll somewhat…somewhat apologize in advance to those who were looking for some heavy duty political blog and got us instead!  Check back later tonight and tomorrow because we’ll continue to update as we watch shit on tivo!

Did anyone else see Howard Fineman from Newsweek on MSNBC tonight?  This fool was talking about ‘it took 400 years, but we have finally climbed the mountain’.  That man was as white as the snow the fell on Green Bay today – he ain’t climbed a mountain since Boy Scouts!  He said the shit like he was black as freshly laid tar!  H&V were like huh!!

All the while, white men were waving to the camera from the trees and niggas were waving laminated Obama pictures in the air that they got from Essence Magazine!

The host wasn’t much better talking about Bush’s last “8 years have seemed ENDLESS”!  Even rich, white people hate that man!  Did ya’ll see Bush sitting at the swearing in of Obama not clapping, lookin like he just finished a 5th of Hennessy before he got there?

Evidently, Senator Ted Kennedy collapsed this afteroon from seizures associated with his brain cancer.  H&V understand that he is fine now and we’re happy to hear it. 

Then when it was all over, Michelle Obama gave Laura the Librarian a parting gifts as in “here you go, get the fuck outta here”! 

Now, who is the sole Republican asshole tryin to fuck with Hilary Clinton…now she ain’t confirmed yet.  He must not know bout Hilary.  That bitch is a cold muthafuckin piece of work.  She’s going to fuck with him for the rest of his career.  H&V doubt his career will last much longer!  Watch!  Hilary will probably call his ass out their first Senate meeting.  All the other white people will be lookin straight ahead like “she’s not talking to me, she’s talking to you BUDDY!”  Ya’ll know how white folks hang each other out to dry like that!

We love how Andy Cooper said he had “no opinion” on Michelle’s gown.  Um, sure you don’t Andy.  Because good looking, stylish, gay men never have an opinion about the First Lady’s Inaugural Ball Gown (wink)!!

Oh Lord, Jason Wu, the Taiwanese dude who designed that ugly ass dress for Michelle, just called in to CNN.  He better be glad he’s a so called designer because a scholar he is not.  Um this and um that.  We’ve heard rappers sound more educated than this man.  In all fairness, Hollywood loved the gown and thought she looked beautiful.  Vine hated it though.  Don’t worry, we’re going to designate and entire post to Michelle and that one shoulder curtain dress with attachments!

Ya’ll were glued to your TVs today.  Tell H&V what you thought of the festivities.

In a minute…

Daily Wrap-Up: 8.26.08

Hollywood and Vine have decided to do a daily wrap-up of all the shit that other media outlets have fucked up!

Starting with one blogger, who will remain nameless (btw have you stayed at the Hilton lately?)!!  R Kelly is not a fucking rapper!  He may be a lot of things, but a rapper he is not.  Why do people say shit about which they know nothing?  Unfortunately, to many, he is still an R&B sensation.  You have to give credit where credit is due and the man IS a musical genius, but he ain’t a damn rapper!  Moving on…

Another site that has Hollywood and Vine irritated today is, well, they damn sure don’t deserve any honorable mention.  Anyway, they had the nerve to mention Beyonce and Rihanna in the same sentence with Michelle Obama!  What the fuck is wrong with the mongooses over at that site?  Whether or not we like Michelle Obama is irrelevant.  She may potentially be the First Lady of the United States of America.  How in the world do you even compare her two singers who can barely speak English properly (for different reasons) to a Princeton AND Harvard educated woman of Michelle Obama’s caliber?  Morons…

Our last idiotic blogger, whose name rhymes with Hamma Toes, reported something that was totally wrong.  She stated that Dr. Dre’s son, who recently passed away (RIP), was conceived with his wife, Nicole Young.  That is false.  Hamma Toes, step yo game up!

In a minute…

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