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Cadillac Records NYC Premiere (Photos)

Ya’ll know H&V have some commentary on the photos circulating from the NYC Premiere of Cadillac Records.


Is that a blunt or a beedi that Mos Def‘s ass is smoking on the red carpet?

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Columbus Short, the only thang that’s gonna be short on you is your sperm count if you keep wearing pants that tight around your nuts!
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Diddy looks a mess with that Snuffleupagus coat on!  He looks like he has his hair slicked back with two micro yaki ponytails coming down over both shoulders!  You gotta do better!

Credit: (Mandatory): PNP/ WENN

Tocarra…never mind, that’s too easy!
Picture by ST/Splash News

Picture by ST/Splash News

Either Jay-Z is saggin his damn tuxedo pants or he took a shit in ’em.  Either way, tacky!  It’s bad enough he’s sportin his naps these days; at least pull up your fucking pants Jigga, damn!
Janet Mayer / Splash News

Picture by: Janet Mayer / Splash News

We love seeing the Booty & the Beast together!  Beyonce looks fabulous, as usual.  She truly is his greatest accessory.  If you stare hard enough, you can see the Hope Diamond on her ring finger!
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Mama Tina looks amazing for a seasoned veteran…..from the neck up!  She saw her stomach sticking out like that.  Something a little more forgiving in the mid-section could have been just as sexy and just as flattering!  And she has a clothing line??!!
What are ya’ll captions for these photos?  Let H&V know.
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