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Pissing Off Our Readers:-)

One of  Hollywood and Vine‘s readers was a little ticked with us about our thoughts on My House Is Worth What? on HGTV.  First of all, since you call yourself a “man”, you should be “man” enough to give your real name and not some stupid ass alias (Joe Blow) like a punk ass bitch!  Number two, if you don’t like the shit we say, don’t read this muthafucka.  This is OUR blog and OUR blog is about OUR opinions, period! 

You wanna talk about black women living in crack houses, being promiscuous and not understanding English??  You know what we think?  We think you’re one of the titty having muthafuckas from the show.

Suck on that, bitch!

In a minute…

My House Is Worth What?

Do any of Hollywood & Vine‘s readers watch the show My House Is Worth What? on HG-TV?  We decided to watch it and we MIGHT be hooked! 

There was a gay couple, Jason and Phil.  We don’t know who was who, but one of them muthafuckas had tits!  That fool had bigger boobs than Vine!  On top of that, he had a spare tire up under his Polo shirt.  Don’t get it twisted, this was no donut.  This was a brand new, fully inflated tired sittin up under his shirt! 

Then the camera pans around their house and they have umpteen paintings of Africans on their walls.  What we want to know is…WHY do gay, white men want to be black women?  We black and we don’t have that much African shit around our homes.  The shit was just overkill.

As we tried to recover from our trip to the Motherland, one of them said that they liked furniture with a patter-in.  Not pattern, but patter…IN!  HG-TV knows that they could have cut and told these idiot ass fools that the word is pattern.  But NO, they left it in for assholes like us to get a good belly laugh!  It worked.

In comes the real estate agent who’s supposed to tell the happy couple how much their house is worth.  This black bitch looked like she should have been a maid on the Jetsons!  Why the fuck did she have on this space age ultra butterfly collar, a vest and an ill-fitting skirt.  We don’t have time to discuss her hair, make-up and accessories.  We’ll give it to the bitch for knowing her shit, but damn!!  You couldn’t do better than that for fucking TV? 

The cost of their house was a blur, but Hollywood & Vine laughed till we cried watching what came before that!  Do any of you watch this show? 

In a minute…

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