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Nick Cannon Gettin’ His Mogul On…


Earlier this week Nick Cannon announced that he’s Mr. Chairman.  That’s right; Cannon is now the youngest television Chairman in history!  According to his blog:

I’m runnin thangs!! This was my announcement, I am now the youngest Television Chairman aka CEO in television history! That’s right; they gave your boy his own network. I’m getting my Oprah on. But my focus is the young folkz!! I am in charge of the new Teen network that is going to take the game by storm! New shows, new feel, real fresh!! This is a dream come true, I have been in the Viacom family for over a decade and now to be an executive is truly a blessing! It’s full circle, I am allowed to flex my business muscle. It’s a game changer!!!! Thanks for all you’re the love and support!!!

Now, will all you ignorant know nothin’ muthafuckas stop callin’ this man Mr. Carey?  Hollywood & Vine don’t understand that shit other than people just hatin’!  Nick was chipped up long before he met or married Mariah Carey.


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2008 American Music Award Wrap-Up

Was this not the most boring shit you’ve seen on tv this year?  Hollywood and Vine certainly think so.  We won’t go on too long about this bullshit; the show was long enough!

If you didn’t see Beyonce’s performance, take a look at this clip before Dick Clark’s old ass has the shit taken down!  Who the fuck does this muthafucka think is gonna be hurt by keeping up a clip of some shit that will never be on TV or DVD ever again, but we digress!!  Beyonce looked good, albeit a biscuit away, and all, but was that the best she got?  We remember the Crazy In Love days when bitch used to come out on the stage pumpin’ and poppin’ like the hungry bitch she was!  Now she’s out there puttin’ on a lightweight drag talent show??  Just cuz the nigga put on ring own it Bey, don’t start slippin’!

PLEASE WATCH THIS SHIT!  WHY are the Pussycat Dolls still being asked to perform live?  Peep the non-talented black girl fuck up the whole performance.  The other broads were onto the next 8 count and this bitch still trying to get off her jacket??  She was lookin’ like “FUCK!  OMG YOU GUYS, I CAN’T GET THIS GODDAMN JACKET OFF!”  They need to go on and boot her ass.  She can’t dance to save her life, she can’t sing, what else is there?  The have her there to hit high notes when Nicole is either tired or dancing and she can’t even do that shit right.  Let that ass go.  Speaking of Nicole, why can’t she sing anymore?  For real though, this bitch ain’t SANG since she was auditioning for Eden’s Crush!  Yeah, we said it.  Eden’s Crush.  She looks great and can still dance her ass off, but her voice sounds like a 3rd rate cabaret singer’s at this point!  Is it just us, or was Carmit back on stage with the others last night?  We wish these hoes would just stay put instead of thinking they’re so fucking talented and in demand that they need to be solo! 

Lastly, let’s touch on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon for a minute before we go.  Hollywood thinks that Mariah and Nick were way over the top last night.  All that extra bullshit, he might as well gotten down on one knee and proposed all over again.  We get it, ya’ll muthafuckas is married…move on.  Not Vine though.  Hey, bitches are so used to being treated like second class citizens nowadays just to say they got a man, broads don’t know how to act when they see a real man treat a real woman how she should be treated!  We are so used to niggas walkin’ through the door before us and shit that we don’t know chivalry when we see it!

Did ya’ll watch last night?  Tell Hollywood and Vine your thoughts!

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