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Football Players Rescue Suspended

Unfortunately, Hollywood & Vine have learned that the Coast Guard has suspended its rescue efforts for the 3 remaining young men lost at sea off the coast of Florida. 

The doctor treating Nick Schuyler said that he wouldn’t expect anyone to survive in such conditions 10 hours more than Nick did. 

According to the Huffington Post,

Schuyler told investigators that about two to four hours after their boat flipped in rough seas, one of the two National Football League players on board gave up hope and let himself be swept away, according to relatives briefed by the Coast Guard.

A few hours later, the second one did the same.

“We were told that Nick said the two NFL players took their life jackets off and drifted out to sea,” said Bob Bleakley, whose son Will, 25, a former University of South Florida football player, is also still missing.

With former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marquis Cooper, 26, and Corey Smith, 29, gone, only Schuyler and Will Bleakley remained clinging to the boat.

Then, sometime early Monday, Will Bleakley thought he saw a light in the distance. He decided to take off his life jacket and swim to it, hoping to get help, Bob Bleakley said Schuyler told the investigators.

H&V talk lots of shit, but we damn sure believe in miracles.  Nobody expected Nick to survive for almost 2 days in that water, but he did.  Until we know otherwise, we’re going to continue to pray for the other 3 young men, their families and a safe recovery!

We suggest our readers do the same.

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