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Buffoon of the Year…Plaxico Burress


Now you know Hollywood & Vine had to say something about Plaxico Burress’ stupid ass!  Is this not the dumbest nigga in the NFL?  Just in case anyone out there hasn’t heard about this shit, let us fill you in.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, November 29, Burress and his NY Giants teammate Antonio Pierce rolled up to Manhattan nightclub, Latin Quarter, even though his hamstring injury having ass should have been in the fucking house!  They made their way pass all the groupies in line and headed straight to VIP.  What the non pattin down, dick ridin security guards didn’t know was that the nigga had a loaded, semiautomatic gun in the waistband of his SWEAT PANTS!  Um….

About 30 minutes later, this fool started was fucking around with his drink and the gun fell from his waistband.  As Buress tried to grab the gun, probably to keep people from knowing that he was stupid enough to think a gun would stay put in the waistband of some damn SWEATS, he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot HIMSELF in the thigh!

Apparently, he then told Pierce “take me to the hospital”.  Pierce helped this fool to the Escalade that brought them to the club with an unknown ride or die bitch behind the wheel.  One of the security guards picked up the gun, unloaded it, brought it to the Escalade and asked Pierce what he wanted him to do with it.  Pierce put it in the glove compartment and they went to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.  The rest of the story is boring, but if you’d like to read it, click here.

H&V have a few questions and comments:

–  If Plexiglas is so afraid for his safety that he needs to carry a gun in his panties, why not just hire a bodyguard?  Duh!!

–  Why did someone over the age of 4 think that a gun would stay put in the waistband of some damn sweats?

–  Antonio Pierce claims he didn’t know that Plaxico had a gun until it went off!  Okay negro…

–  Poor Eli Manning.  These half witted ass fools done fucked up his chance for a second consecutive ring! 

Update:  Plexiglas took a plea that will put him behind bars for 20 months!  His dumb ass should be grateful that he didn’t get the maximum sentence of 15 years!  He deserved it!

In a minute…

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