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Jamie Foxx vs. Miley Cyrus…the battle continues

Now Miley Cyrus and her “camp” are playing the victim and expecting an apology from Jamie Foxx.  Let me get this shit straight.  She feels offended by what Jamie said, yet she hasn’t apologized for threatening to “ruin” Radiohead?  Um, okay!

Billy Ray, the talentless wonder from whom she gets her lack of talent, “thinks Jamie was out of line and didn’t find any humor in it,” according to a source who spoke to E!  “He doesn’t understand why he would do that to Miley especially since has has a teenage daughter himself.”

A rep for the Cyrus family has declihed to comment.  “Billy Ray isn’t going to say anything publicly because he doesn’t want this to escalate,” the source said.  “He wishes it would just go away.”

Jamie’s rep said he would be releasing a statement, but he hasn’t yet.  He did offer that “Jamie’s show is a comedy.”

Aight, let me break this shit down!  Billy Ray, if you want to bring up what other muthafuckas will and won’t do with their teenage daughters, let’s talk about how Jamie would never let his daughter date a fucking grown ass man!  Really, you need to be a bit more concerned about your own kitchen before you go bitchin’ about some shit Jamie Foxx, a man who doesn’t pay your mortgage or put food on your fucking table, said about your kid or what he would or wouldn’t do about his own kid!  Period!

Ain’t releasing statements from Billy Ray through a “source” the same as his ass saying something publicly?  Do celebrities think we’re dumb?  Ain’t nothin’ to escalate.  Jamie is an Oscar winning actor and multi-platinum selling recording artist!  You were on Dancing w/the Stars.  You got nothin’ Billy Ray.

I don’t give a fuck.  Team Jamie!  And as one of our readers so kindly pointed out, Ms. Miley was sittin’ around not so long ago gettin’ her laugh on while makin’ “chink eyes” with her buddies!  That shit was FAR WORSE than Jamie callin’ her a white bitch or suggesting she try some drugs that she’s probably already tried with her 21 year old boyfriend!

Update…Jamie Foxx has apologized to this crazy ass broad.  Click here to read his “I can’t risk having low box office numbers for my new movie” apology.

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Jamie Foxx Played the Shit Outta Miley Cyrus…

Guess it’s safe to say that Jamie Foxx and Miley Cyrus, or Billy Ray for that matter, won’t be doin’ any collaborations together in the future.  On The Foxxhole, Jamie’s Sirius satellite radio show, he spoke on the “little white bitch” (his words – don’t shoot the messenger) and her vow to “ruin” Radiohead cuz they didn’t wanna meet her ass before their Grammys performance.

We know people are gonna have some shit to say about Jamie and his crew gettin’ on this little girl, but we think the bigger problem is this Miley talkin’ bout she gone ruin somebody! 

Who the fuck is she?  And why is it that damn serious?  So they didn’t want to meet you..so the fuck what!  You ain’t nobody to tell you the truth.  That shit is hella fuckin’ vindictive!  THAT is the real issue, not Jamie’s name callin’!

She done got beside herself since her 16 year old ass started fuckin’ that overaged boy…allegedly, of course!

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