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The Govan Gold Diggers…

Well it looks like Shaq has fallen into the trap of yet another notorious “where dem dollas at” bay area broad!  Shaq has been playing house with none other than Oakland native and Gilbert Arenas’ baby mama (who’s sister is also Matt Barnes’ fiancée) Laura Govan


Yes, Laura has 2 children and one on the way with Wizards Star Arenas.  Her little sister, Gloria, has twin boys with her fiancée and Phoenix Suns star, Matt Barnes.  It looks like since 2002, Laura has been creeping with Shaq!  And she and Shaunie used to be friends!  Whew!  I’m exhausted just writing this mess!! 

Let me make this absolutely clear…Yes, the Govan sisters are obviously true to the game gold diggers, but I’m not mad at them ONE BIT!  Get yo money!  If these dumb ass fools want to keep having babies and creeping with these broads they get what they deserve! 

And please do not feel sorry for Shaunie O’neal.  Reports are saying that she may be receiving close to $450 million in this impending divorce settlement.  These ladies are just doing what Northern Cali females do best….GETTIN THAT DOUGH!  

Tameka Raymond – Oakland


Dee Dee Abdur-Rahim – Oakland


 Shikiri Hightower-Johnson – Berkeley


Joumana Kidd – Oakland


Shaunie O’Neal – Sacramento


 …just to name  few!  I’m sure we will all be waiting to see who the baby Laura is having will look!

…Hollywood…in a minute

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Tameka Raymond Speaks…

Yesterday Global Grind posted a blog written by Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife.  We love her and love what she had to say. 

I haven’t heard his new song, but Hollywood has and hated it!  Usher is showing his age and true colors from what she told me.  People in cyberspace are going crazy talkin’ about he’s back and calling Tameka all out her name.  Here’s the thing, if Tameka were light skinned, white, mixed, “exotic” or a Kardashian tramp nobody would say shit about her!  They’d be sad that she and Usher broke up.  They’d want him to reconcile with him!

People act like Tameka came up with Usher!  Well…she didn’t!  Tameka was in the game long before she married that man and had that big nose nigga’s kids.  Why doesn’t anyone give her props for that?  Amber Rose was a lesbian stripper before she started fucking Kanye and everyone loves her!  Nobody but us has anything to say about that.  Now THAT is a come up!  She went from stripping and fucking women to being a sought after model all because she was photographed in Beverly Hills smoking a cigarette on Kanye’s arm while wearing some bad 80’s looking booty shorts!  But because she’s light, she’s right!

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…Vine…in a minute

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