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T.O.’s Reality TV Debut

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

This July, VH1 will add Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Terrell Owens to their celebreality roster.  This is particularly funny because T.O. doesn’t have shit to do with videos, hits, or music at all!  Like we said the other day, VH1 will exploit any fucking body who will let them.

The untitled show will also feature Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, T.O.’s best friend and publicist.  H&V thought his publicist was Kim Etheredge.  Guess he got rid of her when she couldn’t spin the attempted suicide into the allergic reaction story he tried to feed us.  T.O. would have had an easier time calling it an accidental suicide attempt…worked for Heath Ledger’s publicist!  Just sayin.

At this point, they’re only saying that the show will document Owens’ life during the office season – anything from football to life to matchmaking.  Yes, matchmaking.  A filthy rich, decent looking NFL player with the body of a god needin help finding a woman isn’t hard to decipher.  H&V are the only bloggers with balls enough to let ya’ll know he’s gay.  But we still look forward to watching him pretend to love the ladies.

Ya’ll plan to watch this shit?  In a minute…

Terrell Owens: Wide Receiver?

Awww shit, Hollywood and Vine will jump right in!  Our sources tell us that Terrell Owens has been moonlighting as a different kind of wide receiver…as in open your mouth wide and don’t use teeth receiver!  Vine’s boy was caught with a dick in his mouth!  Yes, you read it right…a d-i-c-k in his mouth. 

Hollywood and Vine’s sources tell us that earlier this month, T.O.’s oral session was intercepted by an unexpected visitor.  Ain’t that a bitch?  This nigga was giving!  Who knew that those ashy ass lips were DSL on the low.  We guess nut ain’t good for your skin!  Developing…

In a minute…

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