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Dubya’s Lover Visits The View…

Former Secretary of State and George W. Bush jump off Condoleezza Rice took a little time to enjoy a different view than Bush’s naked body Thursday morning!

Let Hollywood & Vine just say for the record that we knew her ass would say some double meaning shit about Bush while sittin on the couch with those cross talkin, menopausal broads.  She can’t help it!

Did ya’ll see it?  When Babs was introducing her and said they were honored to have her on the show for the first time, Whoopi looked like she smelled dog shit?  Like she wanted to put a finger up and let it be known that she ain’t honored, she just came to work today!  Condi’s ass came out looking worse than usual.  We didn’t think that shit was possible.  She came walkin out like she just took Bush’s dick out her ass.  How do you have as much money and access as this broad, yet walk around lookin matronly with that Fashion Fair makeup on?  As usual, she had the 80’s press and curl going on.  But on with the interview.

This bitch is stickin to her story about WMD!  Condi  is a high class ride or die bitch.  She has her man’s back.  She said she doesn’t regret that they liberated Iraq.  Ummmmm, when did that shit happen?  Did H&V miss something because we’re still trying to figure out A) why muthafuckas are still blowin up shit in a “liberated” country and B) why the fuck Bush and them felt like it was their job to liberate any fucking body!

She told the broads that she was no good in ballet classes.  No shit!  Sherri asked her about Katrina and why shit was so slow!  Why didn’t they ask her fucking ass why she was out buying Manolo’s and shit after Katrina hit?  That’s what the fuck we wanna know.  She said as the highest ranking black official at the time, it was hard for her to watch all that go down with so many blacks.  So, H&V guess she deals with tough shit buy shopping instead of doing her fucking job!  That’s like a minister ridin around in a Bentley while his/her poor ass members are barely able to put food on the table, but faithfully tithe!  Bullshit!

Whoopi made a joke about Condi talkin to Bush and calling him George.  Every muthafucka there got it BUT her ass.  She gone try to check Whoopi by saying “first of all we don’t call him George”!  In true Whoopi form, she crossed her arms and said “don’t sit here and try to tell me that you don’t call him George”.  We love that bitch.  Keep it real Whoop, keep it real!  Then in her best white girl voice she checked Condi back and said that she’s a comic, so she made it funny but her point was…..  We can’t stand uppity ass black bitches!  Condi needs to stop actin like she didn’t grow up in kuntry ass Alabama with two nigga parents!  Bitch, just cuz you’re hella intelligent doesn’t mean you have the right to turn up your nose, especially to another intelligent, beloved and groundbreaking black woman!

As sure as the sun will rise, Condi said she wanted to tell them “why she was initially attracted to President Bush”!  WE KNEW she’d slip up!  She always does.

They just open the door for us with this shit!  Elisabeth’s annoying ass asked Condi if she has ever woken up and not known where she was!  She said sometimes she wakes up in her own bed and doesn’t know where she is.  We think that she has woken up in Bush’s bed and felt the same way.  Just sayin…

Basically, the shit was boring, but it did give H&V more ammunition to our Condi-Bush affair theory.

In a minute…

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