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2009 American Music Awards…Twitter Edition

We know most of you skipped the AMAs this year.  Good thing cuz it was a snoozefest.  However, H & V love to give you our award show “thoughts” as we twittered them in real time.  Here’s what I (Vine, Hollywood passed on the show) thought:

Janet still looks good!

Paula can’t even walk in that too tight Kim Kardashian-esque dress.

Fergie, that’s how you’re supposed to look when a stripper is in the media talking about your husband’s indiscretions!!

I know J Lo is mad that Shakira came out looking & dancing like that, then she busted her ass during a “comeback” performance. Embarrassing

Shakira came out looking like what all “mamis” aspire to be…then J Lo comes out looking like Shakira’s maid! SMH

Nicole Kidman has stuck by her 2nd husband through alcoholism. Tom Cruise must be more fucked up than we think!

Jigga & AK are going to run this new york shit into the ground. ENOUGH!

This negro truly thinks he some sort of god. Look at this shit! So over Jay-Z

Alicia Keys is rocking that body magic tonight LOL!

Aww shit, there goes Whitney’s crackhead ass bouncing and shit! SMH at this mess.

Everyone’s mad @ Fantasia, but hardly anyone said peep about Alicia Keys and her forbidden “relationship”. #justsayin

RT @joejpaige @hollywoodNvine Alicia Keys is more forgivable than Fantasia bcuz she’s lightskin. #BlackInAmerica #AMAs (PREACH!!)

Why does Will i am look like a black Liberace? What’s he on?

Thank God Joe’s [Jackson] not accepting this award.

I didn’t know Victoria’s Secret made suits for men!

This show is a trainwreck. It hasn’t been right since Dick Clark had a damn stroke

Rihanna was horrible! There, I said it.

Carrie Underwood is the truth!

I’m shocked @iamdiddy didn’t have Ciroc on that piano while Gaga was playing.

Rihanna sounded like someone was cutting off her nipples with a butter knife.

I think 2 of those 3 men on stage right now might like each other…#justsayin

I like that the blond from Gloriana jumped up and down when they won:) It was refreshing.

J Lo is so washed up!

Even Marc Anthony knew J Lo sucked. Did you see his face?

J Lo needs to beg Ashanti back

Oh gawd, another Whitney monologue!

The only thing worse than Jermaine’s bad hair and Victoria’s Secret suit is that ugly ass woman on his arm! YIKES!

Alicia Keys twice in one night? Why? Same hair and make up…smh

Alicia keys and those hips should always be sitting down behind a piano.

Why does her dancer look like a drive by shooter?

Can nobody think of new shit but acting like boxers hittin the ring tonight? Fuck!

Why are people still asking Eminem to perform on awards shows?

Did ya’ll just see ole girl w/that press n curl LOL? She looked like Brenda on 227

I’ve seen all I can of Eminem and his new nose!

Timbaland and his ballpark frank necks aren’t going to get me thrown out tonight!

U got to be a fat MuthaSucka to have Timbaland money and still can’t get a white t-shirt to fit your ass!

Why is Taylor Swift acting like she didn’t know she was going to win all this shit? Stop it.

This muthaluva [Adam Lambert] simulated oral on the AMAs with a man and a woman! WTF is the outrage LOL?

There you have it folks.  If you watched the show, tell us what you think.

…Vine…in a minute

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Thoughts on Whitney Houston’s Oprah Interview: Part I

The world had to be watching part I of Oprah’s season premiere interview with Whitney Houston.  I know I was and I have plenty to say!

First let me say that Miss Whitney looked great!  Make up was flawless, wig was on straight and she even picked up a little weight.  It suits her much better.  Very nice.  I love that Oprah told her that she thought her public image was contrived and how Whitney acted off stage was the real her!  Basically, Mama Oprah thought Whitney was ghetto as hell like the rest of us and Clive Davis earned his keep by contriving her public persona!

Regarding first falling in love with Bobby Brown, pre-drugs, she said they used to look at each other and start sweatin’.  I don’t know what kinda crazy love that is, but I don’t want no parts of that!  I prefer to smile or wink at my man, not perspire.

With Being Bobby Brown, Whitney said that she had no idea what she signed up for!  She said that she did it for her husband.  How could he have a show about his life and his wife not be by his side?  However, she did tell O “I knew what I was getting into when I had him sign that prenuptial”.  That’s funny, but to me it says that Whitney knew full well what the hell she was doing!  She’s an adult and made decisions all by herseslf.

Whitney said that the drug use started “light” with “cocaine and weed”.  However, when O asked her about smoking crack, she acted somewhat offended.  Noooo, it never went there.  Well, it’s just another form of cocaine boo.  If you “started” with coke being laced in your blunts, then what did it escalate to?  Me thinks Ms. Houston was holding back….A LOT!  She wanted to be clear that she and Bobby were “spending money” on their drugs, not fucking around with crack and small time, cheap shit!  She said they had ounces and kilos in the home at all times.

During her bad times, Whitney said she used to lock herself in her room for weeks at a time watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to gospel and reading her Bible!  Can ya’ll imagine?  A cocaine laced blunt in one hand and a Bible in the other?  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for her.

She said Bobby spit in her face one night after getting hope from a birthday bash she threw him in Atlanta!  Bobbi Kristina saw it, but she still stayed.  She said he was her drug moreso than the actual drugs!  She didn’t do a thing without Bobby.  But the more bullshit she heard about him and other women and him “dragging dirt into my home” she prayed to God to give her just one day of strength so she could leave!  Finally, she did. 

Oprah asked her about her voice…what was she thinking during that time about her voice.  She said “I had so much money, I wasn’t thinking about that”!  It was another life to her that she’d put behind her.

I love Whitney Houston, always have.  I’m glad that she’s taken control of her life again.  BUT I wasn’t blown away by her supposed opening up today!  What I heard was a lot of denial and finger pointing.  Everything she said came back to Bobby!  Everythang!  She dummed herself down to lift Bobby up.  She did drugs with him.  She was abused by him, physically and emotionally, although she said he never physically abused her in one breath and in the next said he slapped her and pushed her!  He was jealous of her.  He couldn’t deal with a woman as successful and rich as she because he didn’t have his own.  Him, him, him…he, he, he!  The only me or I she used was to say how his actions forced her to go somewhere that was far away from her upbringing!

I hope this is just part of the healing process for Whitney!  I think she still has a thing for Bobby because she seemed like she was sort of protecting him in a strange way.  She needs to take accountability for her bad decisions, make peace with them and move on before we lose her again!

And who takes their kid to rehab?  Just askin…


…in a minute

Whitney, The Party Is Over….Or Is It?

I know everybody wit a TV watched Whitney choke on Good Morning America today!  Was that not just a sad moment in music history?  Sorry, but it was.

Clearly, smoking cigarettes, “etc.”, has taken its toll on Whitney’s voice.  It ain’t comin back.  SHE might have a come back, but her voice is still wearing a bad, curly wig sanging “I Will Always Love You”!  Ever since Whitney struggled through “Count On Me”during the Grammys and CeCe Winans had to pick up the slack, I accepted that she was gone.  But here’s what I can’t accept.  How is her own mama not gonna tell her she cain’t sang no more?

It’s like they’re still exploiting a still high as a kite sober Whitney just like they did when she was on that shit!  ALL of her ‘people’ knew she was incapable of sounding like a half way decent singer on GMA, but nobody said peep!  THAT is foul as shit! 

And did ya’ll see Whitney say “fuck it, I’m bored” and walk off the stage BEFORE I’m Every Woman was over?  Admit it, you laughed.  I know I did.  Diane and Robin were standing there looking at each other like what the fuck is wrong with this bitch? 

It was a train wreck of epic proportions!  I suggest Whitney fans mourn her former voice and accept that it ain’t neva comin’ back.  The way she was running and skippin round the stage looked like she’s still keepin the party going on the DL.  Just sayin…

What did ya’ll think of the performance?

…in a minute

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