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FINALLY…William Balfour Officially Charged!

Perez Hilton

Photo Source: Perez Hilton

Chicago Police have FINALLY officially charged William Balfour’s ignorant ass with the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew!  It seemed like an eternity, but Hollywood & Vine are glad that prosecutors ensured an airtight case before moving forward.  We do NOT want this nigga getting’ off due to any technicalities!


This muthafucka was being held on a parole violation.  It really pisses H&V off when the system fails us.  He should have BEEN locked up for violating his parole.


We hope that they bust his ass wide open in prison for what he did, especially to a child!  Balfour is truly a waste of space on this earth!  Lock this nigga up and throw away the keep…put him up unda the fucking jail, PLEASE!


Though this won’t bring back Jennifer’s family members, we hope that it at least gives her some relief to know that this piece of shit loser if off the streets and isn’t a threat to her, her sister or anyone else’s loved ones!


Burn in hell nigga…


Joshua Kutnick, Balfour’s attorney, told People that his client “did not commit these crimes.”  He went on to say “The delay between the crimes and his actual arrest show weaknesses in the case. This case is not a strong case against William. He is a convenient suspect.”

So he has a piece of shit attorney, too?!  Have a bit of tact and not give a damn interview to People Magazine for the love of all that’s sacred!

In a minute…

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