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Bristol Palin: Once You Go Black?

LAWD HAVE MERCY!  Some young, dumb, black ass fool in Los Angeles has posted a Youtube video claiming that he’s the father of the child that Bristol Palin is allegedly carrying.  Yes, Hollywood and Vine said allegedly.  We don’t believe she’s pregnant, but that’s another story.

Anyway, this wannabe rapper (he even flashed his myspace url across the video enough times to play a drinking game) posted a damn foolish video making some serious claims.  He said he was banging Bristol over the summer when he was in Wasilla visiting a family member!  Granted, Hollywood and Vine would love for that child, if it exists, to pop out looking like Anthony Mason, but we think this shit if as fake as Jada Pinkett-Smith’s hair.  We will give him THIS much…he and the person filming the shit didn’t laugh or break character not once!

Yep, we got the video.  Take a look at this mess:

Now tell Hollywood and Vine we’re wrong?  This dumb ass fool is going to fuck around and end up dead fucking with McCain’s campaign if this nonsense gets out!

We wanna know what ya’ll think.  Leave your comments.

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