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2009 BET Awards Recap – Twitter Style

There was so much going on with that sham of a Michael Jackson tribute on BET last night, that I could bear to review it.  So I thought today, I’d just copy and paste my real time comments about the show from Twitter last night.  Much simpler for me…much funnier for you!

YES! I don’t give a fuck what ya’ll said, New Edition (minus Ricky Bell) served it UP PROPER BITCHES!! YES LORD, THANK YOU JESUS!

Jamie Foxx…that was more like the Mars Walk boo!

Tyra looks like a plus sized model!

Lebron, WHAT did the Jacksons do for BASKETBALL?  These dumb ass niggas!

Really Genuwine?  Your MOST favorite? Favorite is fine all by itself muthafucka!

Wasn’t Keri Hilson the one talkin’ shit about the other R&B chicks? But she’s out there soundin’ like an American Idol reject?  AND chunky?

And I don’t wanna see your dancers ass crack boo.

OMG she’s singing acapella and sounds like Aubrey O’day.

I gotta go against ya’ll east coasters.  I think NeYo looked better without the hat.


I thought NeYo was decent, but you CANNOT fuck up the words to an MJ song playa

Anthony Anderson looks like a Jolly Rancher.

Oh gawwwd, Soulja boy. He sounds like he’s reciting nursery rhymes! How many times I gotta tell ya’ll.

WHY did Taraji look like Pat Benatar?

For real? @souljaboytellem couldn’t NOT show his draws while muthafuckas doing a tribute to Michael Jackson? Ignorant ass niggas!

BET should be ASHAMED of themselves for this BET Awards bullshit.

I already see where this shit is goin.  When we don’t get SHIT no more, we canNOT complain.

T PAIN DOES NOT HAVE A RED PLASTIC CUP ON STAGE?  OMG, I’m about to turn this fucking shit OFF!

We JUST elected Barack into office 2 seconds ago and now this nigga on stage talkin’ about Louis Vuitton? BLACK PEOPLE WE GOTTA DO BETTER!!

Who was NeYo’s beard for the night?

I’m about to unfollow @souljaboytellem after that @betawards performance.  Scally wag tom foolery at its finest!

TRUST, Michael Jackson wouldn’t have wanted his name associated with ANY of this fucking BULLSHIT!

Who is this nigga in the white suit who can’t READ the teleprompter? OMG Fantasia syndrome.

That was Trey Songz who couldn’t read the teleprompter? These illiterate muthafuckas!

Go head By witcha wedding nite lingerie and pointer sister shoulder pads own.

Beyonce woulda been better off singing The Presence of the Lord Is Here!!

These weak MoFos giving this niggerized tribute to MJ hella excuses should be shamed! This is awful.

I don’t give a damn what ppl r sayin, these are PROFESSIONALS! If u canNOT execute in 3 days, then bow out. Don’t put on some bullshit!

Oh lord, jamie foxx talkin’ about he got together w/his boy. Well that’s great, but we aren’t here to talk about your sex life.

I’m about to go to bed…SHANAYNAY AND WANDA????

GET IT Latifah with that 20 inch micro yaki.  WORK BITCH!

Latifah has looked better than EVERY broad so far!

We need to put @BET on a time out for this shit, for real! I’m sorry, if U couldn’t do it right, don’t do it

We will need to put in work ALL OVA AGAIN to get Obama re-elected in 2012 after this shit.

OMG Fabolous is doing nursery rhyme rappin like souljaboy! COME THE FUCK ON BET!!

Why does Jamie Fox look like Knight Rider?

Keith Sweat has an S Curl!

Real Housewives of Atlanta left Kim’s white ass at home.  That’s fucked up!

Lisa Wu looks like she’s going to prom N the 80s.  NeNe looks like TWO brick houses & Sheree looked like she mugged a horse on her way there

Ciara sounds like JLo with that talk/singin@@

Jamie Foxx looks like Jodeci in those damn boots

It’s a sad day for black people when we think CIARA sounded good.

Keyshia, you BESTA SING in that ugly ass outfit! Looking like a 7-11 sized bottle of pepto bismol.


Keyshia looked like cotton candy, sweet as gold, lemme see you tootsie roll!! – Hollywood

Marlon Wayans looks like an 8ball to a coke head socialite in Hollywood.

…and now the BET Awards are victimizing Mike

DOA sounds like someone’s genitals are being amputated with a butter knife!!

Jasmine Sullivan is UNDERrated and Keri Hilson’s broke lookin’ ass is OVERrated! Go figure – Hollywood

Will someone PLEASE pull the plug on Franky and Heffa Tee-Tee??

Que looks like he’s about to hit up an S&M session with Dawn’s ass.

Don Cornelius is old as sin. He don’t even know where the microphone is ROFLMAO

I KNEW that was Johnny Gill in the middle all off beat. – Hollywood

These niggas sound like they in church!

Trey Songz might not can read, but he can SANG

How did all the hoodrats in L.A. get good seats?

Tyrese sounds like he grew up at Mt. Zion! and ya’ll know there’s a Mt. Zion in EVERY city LMFAO

Don Cornelius is about to introduce the Soul Train scramble board at any minute!

Lebron in that little ass shirt. – Hollywood


The O’Jays went from their seats, to the podium to a performance. Don’t tell me SHIT about a few days to rehearse!

Can @souljaboytellem have enough RESPECT to uncross his arms during the O’Jays? Disrespectful ignorant ass dumb niggas.

The O’Jays ain’t miss ONE NOTE OR STEP! Watch and learn!

Debra Lee looks like she’s wearing one of those Project Runway grass dresses!

Alicia Keys looks very pretty….from the neck up!

I need closed captioning to understand what Tiny is saying! She sounds like she has handcuffs in her mouth.

This Baby Boy shit is not funny!

If Jamie Foxx and his sleepover with grown men having ass don’t stop talking about his tour, I’m gonna scream.

If you have to announce that you’re heterosexual, then your shit is questionable!

Now @_maxwell_, THAT is how a grown ass man should look at an awards show! Sang!

LORD TYRA, we all know you got a man girl, you ain’t got to asphyxiate his ass during the show to let the world know.

Y R people bashing Beyonce for not acknowledging Michael during her second award? She gave it up 2 him through the whole 1st speech!!

Get it NeNe! She looked like she wanted to say “Trashyyy Hoooka” LMFAO.

Did this nigga just do the splits???

Who cares if Chris Brown didn’t perform tonite. It’s not like he alone woulda made this shit better!

WHO was that in the audience with the two tone chia pet on the side of her damn head?

Can someone tell me why Drake is the great white hype again?  Shit was terrible to me.

Lil Wayne on top of Drake’s bullshit was like spraying perfume on w/o taking a shower!

What’s up with Lil Wayne & Drake pulling toddlers onstage during that performance. Future video hoes…smh

I know Michael J is SOOO wanting these thugs to stop saying his fucking name LOL. Perez, THIS is when you use thug!

Poor Janet!

Janet wasn’t even supposed to be there, is grieving and still looks better than everyone there!

Overall, the show was a HUGE disappointment.  Unless BET picks up The Game, I will never watch that network again.  Until they provide quality programming for black people, I suggest ya’ll do the same.

What did you think of this foolishness?

…in a minute

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