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Fantasia, Sit Down Somewhere…

According to everyone from People to CNN, Fantasia Barrino was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night for a drug overdose “possible medication overdose”.  It’s clearly not a coincidence that she was pill poppin’ the same day that white America found out about her affair and sex tape with her married boyfriend.   

Obviously, Fantasia needs a hug.  She claimed in her statement that she had nothing to do with Antwuan Cook’s marriage breaking up and that she’s done nothing wrong, but trying to kill yourself would lead people to believe that you are feeling like shit guilty about where you are in life.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re going to pray for Fantasia because she obviously needs prayer.  But she’s stable and her life ain’t in danger after an alleged overdose which MIGHT mean that her ass was just trying to get some attention.  She needs to sit down somewhere, let that man go, focus on herself and her child and make music!  And her family needs to be there unconditionally while she’s getting her shit together whether she’s giving their freeloading asses money or not! 

UPDATE:  Fantasia took aspirin and tylenol PM sleep aids in her attempt to end her life, according to her manager.  Ya’ll think we are mean and crazy, but didn’t we say earlier that she was just trying to get attention!  Nobody in their right mind, not even a depressed person, thinks they’ll die from taking some aspirin and sleep aids!

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