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Houston Rockets stars Aaron Brooks and Ron Artest were kickin’ it at Tear Drop in Portland last night/this morning.  Artest was seen giving his number to an unknown white woman. 

THIS is how these niggas don’t progress in the playoffs.  Out chillin’ hollerin’ at broads instead of resting and focusing on the damn series!  They’ll never learn!

Oh my, Clyde ‘the Glide’ Drexler and Jerome Kersey were there, too!  They know good and hell well they are too old to be in the club and shit LOL!

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Suge Knight…You Got Knocked the Fuck Out!

Hollywood & Vine almost stayed at the W Hotel in Arizona during All-Star Weekend.  It’s a good thing we didn’t cuz we woulda been all up in the middle of this shit!

Police were called to the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona around 3:30am because niggas can’t do shit without fightin!  Akon’s business manager, Robert Carnes, Jr. and another clown named Thomas Leon Anderson, Jr. were arrested and booked on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct.  In other words, they beat up Suge Knight!

Suge is being treated for face injuries after being punched in the face at least twice by Carnes.  People on the scene said that the shit started and was over in a matter of seconds!  Damn Suge!  You couldn’t get off one punch with your big ass?

Ya’ll know this is just the start of some new bullshit between Suge and these two fuckin idiots!  Developing…

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Sir Charles…Update

Last week Hollywood & Vine told you about Charles Barkley’s dumbass getting arrested for DUI.  Well, now we know why.

The very married Charles Barkley hopped in his car and sped off trying to catch up to a woman who was driving another car.  Turns out, Sir Charles recognized this hoe as the one who gave him good head several days before and he wanted more!  This nigga actually said this shit to the police when they arrested him! 

Not only is he a jackass for driving while he was drunk as fuck, but he told the snitchin ass police his business.  Now he has to deal with the courts AND his wife! 

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Sir Charles Arrested in Arizona


Charles Barkley‘s Uncle Tom ass got arrested early this morning in Scottsdale, Arizona on suspicion of drunk driving!  According to the Associated Press:

An officer with a law enforcement task forcethat targets drunken driving saw the former NBA star run a stop sign around 1:30 a.m., said Gilbert police Lt. Eric Shuhandler.

Barkley declined to submit to a breath test but was given a blood test. The results weren’t immediately available.

After Barkley was processed, he was cited and released. He left in a cab, Shuhandler said.

Shuhandler said there was nothing remarkable about the 45-year-old Barkley’s arrest and that it is customary to release people after they’ve been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

“There was nothing unusual about how he was taken into custody,” Shuhandler said. “He was treated exactly like we treat anybody else.”

Yeah, we bet.  We bet he was treated like any other nigga running a stop sign in Arizona.  Here’s what H&V wanna know.  Why do millionaires insist on driving themselves around after they’ve been drinking?  Fucking idiots!

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Out & About…


Source: NBA.COM

One of Hollywood and Vine’s readers saw Travis Outlaw of the Portland Trailblazers kickin’ it at Impala Lounge in San Francisco last night with some of his teammates.  Ummmm, those niggas should have been in their hotel rooms resting for tonight’s game against Golden State.  That’s why these fools be playing like shit…too busy trying to kick it all the damn time!  But thanks for the tip nonetheless.

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Baron Davis: Charity Case?

Hollywood and Vine can’t do anything but laugh at this!  Baron Davis, former great white, we mean black, hope of the Golden State Warriors is now accepting automobiles from his favorite white woman! 

Baron is allegedly in a “relationship” with a white chick whose family has more than enough cash.  So, she went out and bought a brand new 6 Series BMW for his ass; like he couldn’t do the shit on his own.  What is wrong with these hoes?  Always trying to be so different that they make themselves look just like the rest! 

Baron, come back over to the dark side bruh!  Even your boy “Toast” fucks with more dime pieces than you!

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