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Real Housewives of NY: 05/27/10

So producers sent Kelly home to seek medical treatment for her mental issues Kelly decided to go home in the middle of the night!  Thank God for small favors.  I don’t know if she’s mentally ill or on drugs, but last week’s breakdown was not a good look and frankly boring!  How long have we known this broad is nuts?!

I actually like Bethenny, Sonja, Ramona and Alex as a girlfriends unit!  Everyone is chillin’ out, relaxing and in walks Jill Zarin (with that sexy ass Bobby Vegas)…bull dozing through the house like politicians bull dozing over N.W.A. albums in the 80s.  How many times did she have to yell SURPRISE?  They heard you the first time and tried to ignore you!  What gets me is Jill’s inability to let shit happen without her being part of it.  Ya’ll know how much I loved Jill, but I’m not liking this season’s Jill.  How the hell do you tell someone you ain’t comin’ to their “renewal” and act like the whole trip is beneath you, then show up raving about how your private jet brought you after all?  Had she come in there will a bit more humility and said hey, I know I wasn’t supposed to come and I know things are strained with me and Alex and Bethenny, but I’ve come with an open heart to try and mend fences so that we can celebrate Ramona’s renewal, I think they woulda had a different attitude toward her.  But true to Jill Zarin form, she made it about her and SHE somehow became the victim?  No honey, that act don’t work no more!  And every damn time someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they aren’t your friend!  Give that shit up already. 

Now I don’t know why the hell Alex was shaking like a leaf, but I got her point.  Nobody leaves their husband and kids to deal with bullshit!  Kelly was enough drama; the bitch wanted one fucking day of peace!  The irony is that when Bethenny came to Jill Zarin with a humble attitude and an open heart, she shunned Bethenny…but that was okay cuz she wasn’t on the receiving end.  Hypocrite!  Roller Girl was right, Jill Zarin maneuvered all season to be “on top” and now that everyone gets the message that she ain’t their friend, she mad@@  And in the midst of it all, Ramona’s ass manages to choke GNR!!!

Alex is full of shit talkin’ about it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean!  Only people fucking dudes with small dicks say bullshit like that! 

How has Ramona been married 17 years and supposedly has this fabulous sex life with Mario who probably visualizes Jill Zarin while tappin’ that, but has never been handcuffed?  She better get with it.

I am shocked as shit that Countess Lu told Jill that she understood why they asked her to leave!  Okay, here comes Kelly’s crazy ass!  She’s so fucking dramatic.  Really?  Were you shell shocked?  Give me a break!  How does she hate gossiping, but was sitting there GOSSIPING?  Kelly couldn’t talk to someone like a human being if she tried!  What conversation is she remembering?  I saw the episode and nobody was even being serious about the one night stand thing.  They were playin’ with her ass.  Get a fucking sense of humor crazy person.  So now that Kelly doesn’t have any friends who’ve hired Bethenny to “cook” for them, she’s a make believe chef?  Don’t they see how fucking crazy this woman is?  Jelly Bean Bensimon needs medication.

Over to Sonja’s party, all this double cheek kissing is nauseating!  Wait a minute, Countess Lu was the one who said “Poison Island” but she just put it on Kelly LOL!  These are some cold blooded broads.  Basically, they told it like it was.  If Lu doesn’t believe it, that’s her dumb ass fault.  Don’t you love how she put her beef with Bethenny and Alex aside to gossip!

Jill’s holiday party is finally here.  She’s missing Bethenny, as she should!  They had a very special, real friendship and I think that Jill single-handedly brought the situation to the point of no return.  Now that’s the attitude and tone she shoulda had when she went to St. John, but whateva.  I’m glad Roller Girl took the high road and said yes, BUT I don’t think their friendship will ever be restored.  OMG, OMG Jill just ate it!  OMG!  I’m glad she was able to laugh at herself. 

WHY does Kelly insist on having a conversation about some bullshit when they’re supposed to be supporting Jill and her event?  Then she had the NERVE to ask the event planner to watch her kids…likes she’s a fucking babysitter@@  If she needed to talk to Ramona so damn badly, why didn’t she contact her prior to now?  Cuz she’s a nut job.  She’s like a dog with a bone.  She wasn’t think one thing about Ramona until she was thrown in front of her.

Uh huh, see, Jill Zarin is starting to see the error of her ways.  She sees that she’s about to be the odd woman out and she’s trying to fix it.  I’ll give her props for that.  It takes a lot to say you’re wrong.  Oh gawd, now that Jill has made up with Ramona, Lu can hug her, too!  She’s as phony as that overproduced bad song she recorded!

Next week is the finale then we’re onto Bethenny’s show! 

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