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Steve McNair’s Tragic Murder

Surely there is no person who hasn’t heard the sad news about the tragic murder in which Steve McNair was killed today as the world celebrates our country’s independence.

First of all, our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones!  His poor, sweet wife and children certainly don’t deserve to have to deal with this.

The only details that have emerged at this point are that he was fatally killed by multiple gunshot wounds.  There was also a female found murdered on the scene.  Police sources close to the investigation said that the woman was his mistress, 20 year old Sahel Kazemi!  She suffered a fatal, single gunshot wound to the head. 

Witnesses confirmed that he frequently visited the downtown Nashville, TN condo.  McNair was the co-renter of the condo.  Police have ruled his death a murder, but have yet to confirm that Kazemi committed suicide. 

Something should always be learned when some senseless bullshit like this happens!  Men AND women, if you are married, then be married!  If you want some different stuff, then get divorced FIRST!  Period!  Nothing good can come from stepping out on your spouse.  Not one damn thing.

Now we must say RIP to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL!

Update: As more details emerge, we’ll keep our readers updated!

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Football Players Rescue Suspended

Unfortunately, Hollywood & Vine have learned that the Coast Guard has suspended its rescue efforts for the 3 remaining young men lost at sea off the coast of Florida. 

The doctor treating Nick Schuyler said that he wouldn’t expect anyone to survive in such conditions 10 hours more than Nick did. 

According to the Huffington Post,

Schuyler told investigators that about two to four hours after their boat flipped in rough seas, one of the two National Football League players on board gave up hope and let himself be swept away, according to relatives briefed by the Coast Guard.

A few hours later, the second one did the same.

“We were told that Nick said the two NFL players took their life jackets off and drifted out to sea,” said Bob Bleakley, whose son Will, 25, a former University of South Florida football player, is also still missing.

With former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marquis Cooper, 26, and Corey Smith, 29, gone, only Schuyler and Will Bleakley remained clinging to the boat.

Then, sometime early Monday, Will Bleakley thought he saw a light in the distance. He decided to take off his life jacket and swim to it, hoping to get help, Bob Bleakley said Schuyler told the investigators.

H&V talk lots of shit, but we damn sure believe in miracles.  Nobody expected Nick to survive for almost 2 days in that water, but he did.  Until we know otherwise, we’re going to continue to pray for the other 3 young men, their families and a safe recovery!

We suggest our readers do the same.

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Super Bowl Sunday…H&V Style

Too much going on this beautiful Sunday afternoon for Hollywood & Vine to do a wrap-up at the end of the night.  So we’ll just get shit off our chests as the game progresses.

First of all, great to see Jennifer Hudson doing what she does best.  Of course it’s not dressing herself appropriately, it’s sangin’!  Did that bitch not sang the fuck outta the National Anthem.  You better work!  THAT is how you make a comeback Mickey Rourke!

Did anyone peep the Budweiser commercial with the horses and the circus?  What the fuck was that all about?  Damn, even black female horses are gettin shafted by black male horses!  Did ya’ll see this muthafuckin black horse breakin lose and jumpin across rivers and shit to get to the white horse who left for the circus?  It’s racial! 

That Cheetos commercial bombed if you ask H&V.  Why the fuck would anyone want to go out and buy Cheetos because a bunch of nasty ass pigeons were feeding on them underneath some airheads chair at a cafe?  Pigeons eat any fucking thing…Cheetos ain’t special!

H&V need some uppers after that bullshit of a downer performance by Bruce Springsteen!  Who made that suggestion?  Fire their ass.  Janet’s titty done fucked it up for music with rhythm at the Superbowl!

Second half was a nail biter if you gave a shit about either team…we didn’t.  Seriously, it was a damn good second half, but we don’t want this fools name to be Santonio!  Santonio?  For real?

H&V thinks all the commercials sucked!  Not one was entertaining or made us want to buy some shit.  They could have replayed the Life Water commercial from last year with Naomi Campbell doing the “Thriller” dance instead of this bullshit.

What did you guys think about the game and commercials?

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T.O.’s Reality TV Debut

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

This July, VH1 will add Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Terrell Owens to their celebreality roster.  This is particularly funny because T.O. doesn’t have shit to do with videos, hits, or music at all!  Like we said the other day, VH1 will exploit any fucking body who will let them.

The untitled show will also feature Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, T.O.’s best friend and publicist.  H&V thought his publicist was Kim Etheredge.  Guess he got rid of her when she couldn’t spin the attempted suicide into the allergic reaction story he tried to feed us.  T.O. would have had an easier time calling it an accidental suicide attempt…worked for Heath Ledger’s publicist!  Just sayin.

At this point, they’re only saying that the show will document Owens’ life during the office season – anything from football to life to matchmaking.  Yes, matchmaking.  A filthy rich, decent looking NFL player with the body of a god needin help finding a woman isn’t hard to decipher.  H&V are the only bloggers with balls enough to let ya’ll know he’s gay.  But we still look forward to watching him pretend to love the ladies.

Ya’ll plan to watch this shit?  In a minute…

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season Finale Wrap-Up

Grab somethin’ to drank and get comfy because we’re going to be a minute after tonight’s finale!!

Sheree, WHY are your face and your neck two totally different colors?  It’s not that fucking hard.  Take your ass to a damn make-up counter at Lenox and get the right fucking foundation for your skin tone.  That shit annoys the fuck out of us every week, but we digress.  This bitch said that something is wrong with NeNe because she has to pull other people down to make herself look better.  But in the next breath this fake ass broad says that NeNe is ignorant and she does not hang around ignorant people.  Correct us if we’re wrong, but wasn’t that putting NeNe down to make herself look better?  And Sheree sweetie, if you’re going to call someone else ignorant, Hollywood and Vine suggest that you first understand the difference between “ask” and “axe”.  Sheree, if you “axe” somebody, then your wrong color foundation wearing ass would be in jail.  Whew, Sheree is a muthafucka ain’t she…naming her damn son Kairo with a “K”!  She’s as bad as Kim’s K-A-T spellin’ ass.

There are so many words that come to mind when thinking about Kim Zolciak, but after tonight’s show the ones that stick out the most are…BAD WIG!  Who told this bitch it was cute to have a platinum blond wig and her dyed blond hair in the front with her dark roots showing?  You’re walking around with a 3 carat canary yellow diamond ring on and writin’ checks for $68,000, but you can’t match up the color of your wig to your real muthafuckin’ hair?  Raggedy ass bitch!  This 2 dolla hoe had the NERVE to say that NeNe looks like a drag queen??  Has she looked in the mirror lately.  Shit, say what you want, but NeNe looked like her body used to be tough a few years ago!  Kim really threw her kids into the mix to keep from going toe to toe with NeNe at the dinner didn’t she?  She’s such a good mother.  So good that she smokes cigarettes right in front of her children.  Nothing like passing down lung cancer and heart disease to your offspring.  Speaking of passing down, did Hollywood and Vine hear Kim right?  Did she really say that her voice is a “God given talent”?  Someone with tivo or dvr tell us that we heard her wrong because that ‘voice’ ain’t got shit to do with God!  Not ONE thing!  But before we move on to Lisa, we would be wrong if we didn’t acknowledge the mockery that Kim made of some poor designer’s creation!  She looked like one of the Mary Jane Girls!  Hustler wouldn’t even let her pose for them looking like that!  Lookin’ like Owen Wilson with a bad wig on. 

Lisa was wrong for a few things tonight.  One, why is she constantly lying to Kim telling her how beautiful she looks and shit?  No, she did not look good!  Keep it real with this bitch.  False encouragement like that is why this bitch thinks singing is her God given talent.  Two, laughing at Kim’s ‘NeNe is a drag queen’ comment was wrong.  Come on now Lisa.  If you’re so above the drama, then you shouldn’t have even been a part of that shit, let alone laughing at NeNe!  That was fucked up, period!  Now, Lisa has been a groupie, we mean married, for long enough to know that NFL contracts are not guaranteed.  WHY would you announce to everyone that your man was picked up by the Raiders before this nigga even stepped on the field at training camp?  She had to have known better than that!  We can’t imagine how fucking embarrassed Ed‘s ass must be now that everyone knows he got cut from the team!  Hollywood and Vine think that Lisa did that shit on purpose…sort of like a controlling man in a relationship!  Break down his self esteem so you can keep that man under your thumb!  And did ya’ll hear her say that she wanted to “prepare” a toast for her husband?  Ummm, boo, the time to ‘prepare’  a toast is before you leave the house.  Standing in front of a room full of people with a glass in your hand would be the time to ‘propose’ a toast!  Lastly, Lisa, you need to stop trying to make grown ass muthafuckas be friends!  Everybody can’t be friends – she’s lucky that it didn’t go down at dinner with all the kids there!  Stop trying to play peacemaker and mind your damn business!  

Again, Hollywood and Vine find it hard to say anything but positives about DeShawn.  We thought she and Eric were cute tonight; still respectful and in love.  If only she’d stop talking through her teeth.  We’re just sayin’…We’re very glad that they prepared for when his career and “conTRACK”  came to an end!

Last but certainly not least is our girl, NeNe!  We love this bitch!  Yeah, NeNe is ghetto and loud as fuck, but at least she is herself!  How can you not respect that?  She didn’t let her son act a fool (other than that Nike earring) when it came to getting his first car.  She sounded like a normal mom wanting her baby to be in something safe.  We’re glad she called Kim out at the dinner; she deserved it!  Gregg Leakes is one of the coolest old niggas on Earth!  Ed seemed to be really listening to his words of wisdom.  Not Eric’s ass LOL!  Eric was lookin’ like ‘is this old muthafucka for real’!! 

This season finale was anticlimactic because the real shit is going down next week during the reunion special!  Until then, let Hollywood and Vine know your thoughts on the finale.

In a minute…

Arthur Blank’s Brown Sugar

Hollywood and Vine know that many have speculated about the identity of Kim Zolciak’s now “ex”, Big Papa.  Arthur Blank’s [owner of the Atlanta Falcons] name has been thrown around more than the ‘F’ word on our blog!  Well, Hollywood and Vine can exclusively reveal to you that Arthur Blank is NOT Big Papa. 

Photo Courtesy of the Cleveland Leader

Photo Courtesy of the Cleveland Leader

Our sources have confirmed that Arthur Blank’s actual mistress is a sista!  Her name is Vernita, a 33 year old graduate of Georgia Tech.  Our source further explains that Stephanie Blank, Arthur’s wife, is “cool with it”.  Evidently, Blank swooped Vernita’s ass up when she first got to Georgia Tech and she has been a kept woman ever since.  She now resides in the Sugarloaf, a suburb of Atlanta. 

Now that Blank is off the table, tell Hollywood and Vine who you think is Big Papa.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta: 11.11.08

Where the fuck do we start tonight?  Hollywood and Vine are so fucking pissed that we can barely say shit…but we’ll try!  Let’s start with Sheree.  This has to be one of the weakest bitches in Atlanta!  We know good and hell well we ain’t the only ones who heard this bitch say “RUINT”, as in the past tense of ruin!  This broad swears every damn week that she’s part of Atlanta’s elite, but can’t fucking say ruinED, can’t hold a white wine glass right and says fucking axe instead of ask!  This bitch is NOT fashionable!  Hollywood and Vine have plenty of contacts in Atlanta and ain’t nobody heard shit about this bitch being in the fashion industry.  She talks all this and that about being exclusive, but bitch still shops retail like the rest of us!  We can’t wait to see next week’s finale where Michael Knight has to let this ho know that just because she fucked an NFL player does not make her ass a designer!  She’s delusional!  Bob laughed in her face about being the lazy broad that she is…”Maybe you’ll actually do something…this time you might actually do something”!!!!  Sheree tried her best to ignore him didn’t she?!  Yeah, they both know that her last shit was a failure because Sheree doesn’t know shit about hard work!  In her little ass mind, Bob was jealous that he’s not with her anymore.  She needs to stop listening to Kim’s tone deaf ass!  Speaking of Kim…

Kim, you bout to have every black bitch in America ready to beat your muthafuckin’ ass on-site talking about you’re gonna beat NeNe’s ass!  NeNe is the best friend this wig wearing tramp has ever had, but she’s gonna talk shit??  NeNe tried to tell you your music sucked and that you looked 89.  What else does a bitch want in a close friend?  Greedy ass money grubbin’ bitch!  Big Papa’s black ass better calm her down before one of NeNe’s illiterate cousin’s busts her in botoxed up face! 

Lisa, how the fuck are you gonna have a going away party for Ed when this nigga ain’t even make it onto the final Raiders roster?  And Lisa, you’ll fuck around and get your man taken turnin’ your half black ass nose up at Oakland.  Please believe it.  This one acted above all the “drama”, yet turned around and called Sheree with the quicks to spill her guts about NeNe’s song in the limo last week.  Fake ass broads.  Hollywood and Vine almost want to get back to the New York housewives at this rate.  At least they did and said the shit to each others faces. 

Sheree and Kim talked much shit about NeNe having no class, but these were the same bitches on the phone continuing to spread the rumors.  Those two pieces of trash ain’t hardly better than NeNe.  At least the bitch NeNe will tell you to your face!  With friends like Sheree and Kim, you might as well go hunting with Dick Cheney!  When Big Papa moves onto a younger model or a man, whose ass will Sheree kiss then?

We won’t get on DeShawn tonight.  She’s turned out to be one of our favorites along with NeNe!  She seems genuine with a good sense of humor.  Besides, she can buy and sell all these bitches if she felt like it!!

Tell Hollywood and Vine what you think about tonight’s episode.

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Terrell Owens: Wide Receiver?

Awww shit, Hollywood and Vine will jump right in!  Our sources tell us that Terrell Owens has been moonlighting as a different kind of wide receiver…as in open your mouth wide and don’t use teeth receiver!  Vine’s boy was caught with a dick in his mouth!  Yes, you read it right…a d-i-c-k in his mouth. 

Hollywood and Vine’s sources tell us that earlier this month, T.O.’s oral session was intercepted by an unexpected visitor.  Ain’t that a bitch?  This nigga was giving!  Who knew that those ashy ass lips were DSL on the low.  We guess nut ain’t good for your skin!  Developing…

In a minute…

Real ‘Housewives’ of Atlanta: Preview Wrap-Up

Please, please, PLEASE tell us that you all watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta preview on Bravo!!!!  Where in the sam hell does Hollywood and Vine start? 

Let’s start with Sheree Whitfield.  This is how Bravo’s website describes her:

“Single socialite Whitfield, a resident of the exclusive Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, juggles her busy home life with a packed social calendar. She is a busy working mother to three children — Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. Whitfield prides herself on her fashion sense, and owned her own upscale clothing boutique — Bella Azul — for years before closing up shop to focus on her next business venture, a clothing line called “She by Sheree.”

Now, let Hollywood and Vine give you the real!  First of all, Sandy Springs is hardly exclusive.  It’s not the ghetto, don’t get us wrong, but it’s not like Bel-Air or Blackhawk like Bravo is trying to make it sound.  Shit, it’s not even Malibu.  Yes, she operated Bella Azul, an upscale boutique.  However, she did not own that.  Her soon to be ex, Bob, was the one footing the bill for the failed business venture.  Why did the boutique fail, you ask?  Not because she wanted to focus on her newest business venture, but because her shit flat out failed.  This woman is no businessperson.  She used to be a damn accounting clerk before she hooked up with Bob.  Translation, an admin.  Now all of a sudden she is entitled to an estate manager and a 7 figure settlement?  What the fuck is wrong with this chick?  She should be happy that he upgraded her damn Hyundai or Corolla or whatever she drove when he fucked with her the first time and moved her broke ass up on the social ladder.  I bet he wishes he had stuck with the down to earth girlfriend he had, prior to Sheree, who went to Spelman College!

On to Kim Zolciak.  We respect that Kim is trying to launch a country music career, but why in the world is she working with Dallas Austin?  Not only has Dallas Austin not been hot in almost a decade, but he’s not a relevant producer within the country music scene.  That’s like going to Oil Changers to get new tires put on your car, fool! 

As for the other ‘housewives’, we don’t have anything to say one way or the other.  Props to them for taking their blessings and running with them…turning themselves into ACTUAL career women and not simply living off their rich husbands.

In a minute…

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