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The Nanny Gets Her Payday…

According to TMZ, initial reports of Elin Woods’ divorce settlement of $750 million was extremely exaggerated.  Their sources are telling them that she’s going to get $100 million and ya’ll know Harvey is never wrong.

I’ve been reading a lot of comments on Facebook and Twitter about how fucked up it is that the help a woman who never swung a golf club on a golf course could get such a large settlement…and that is why I think most people are stupid.  Here’s the deal, the first thing to remember is that is not that woman’s fault that Tiger and his overpaid, underproducing legal team didn’t play hard ball with this broad. 

He obviously bought her silence, as reports state that she may never ever comment on Tiger in any way, shape or form, even after the nigga is dead!  Whatever he wants to keep a secret goes far beyond her whooping his ass with that golf club, mistresses and him driving under the influence of Ambien and God knows what else that night (allegedly).  I’m guessing it has to do with performance enhancing drug allegations possibly being true and his alleged, casual use of prescription pills.  THAT is the type of shit that would make it difficult to rebuild his brand, thus making him more money!  We all know about the hoes and kinky sex.  We know about the alleged love children.  We know the size of his dick and that he can work it.  What else is worth silencing the help Elin? 

If it’s not those things, then Tiger is a bigger clown than I originally suspected!  Who gives a fuck if she tells your business.  Let her!  Either he’s a punk or he has some shit that he truly does not want people to know.  Either way, $100 million is about right.  Let that woman move back to west hell and raise those two black children, teach them to think they’re white and don’t take them to church…like Tiger’s parents did to him!

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Kim K, you ain’t slick…

Not long before Kim Kardashian was linked to NFL nobody player Miles Austin, she was kissing all over the globe with soccer phenom Cristiano Ronaldo.  When asked, she said they weren’t dating and that she was enjoying the single life.  Please girl.  That is not what our sources told us.

H & V learned that Kim had it bad for Cristiano even though he’s not black, but HE put the brakes on!  We’re told that he pretty much told her ass to get in where she fit in cuz he had other broads.  To him, she was his US broad.  On top of that, he told her flat out that she was not the type of person he could take home to meet his family! 

I guess these clown ass negroes like Lamar and Reggie’s families don’t have the same standards.

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Mel Gibson Strikes Again

Sooo, according to radaronline.com, Mel Gibson got caught on tape, AGAIN, showing his racist ass!  This fool left a voice message for his ex, Oksana Grigorieva calling her a cunt and saying that if she gets raped by a pack of niggers it will be her fault!  He said a few more things, but visit huffingtonpost.com for the deets.

I want to know a few things:

A)  Who is surprised by this shit?  Nobody in America dares to say negative shit about Jews and he did.  So you think he gives a fuck about letting nigga fly out his mouth? 

B)  When did he break up with her?  Weren’t they just getting together the last time he was relevant?


I’m convinced that Mel never stopped drinking.  He hits the bottle hard and says whatever the fuck flies out his mouth without a second thought!  When one is sober, they’re able to contain their true feelings about shit, but we all know a drunk man speaks a sober mind or however the saying goes.  Stop giving this clown airtime!  In a year he’ll be directing a movie that the Hollywood Foreign Press will call brilliant and everyone will sweep this under the rug like they do with all white junkies in Hollywood!  Yeah, I said it.

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