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Elin to Tiger…’Run Me My Money’

We told ya’ll that Elin Nordegren knew what she was doing!  Looks like Tiger’s loving wife who’s supposedly going to stick by her man, is making sure that they at least stay attached financially!

Elin’s initial prenuptial agreement will give her $20 million should she and Tiger divorce after 10 years of marriage.  Obviously, he went to Jaimee Grubbs and Rachel Uchitel to cure his 7 year itch.  Now the nanny Elin and her attorneys are revising the hell out of that prenup. 

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Tiger has transferred a large 7 figure sum of money into Elin’s personal account just to keep her with him!  Elin has also, allegedly, demanded a complete rewrite of the prenup! 

Tiger’s image has already taken a big hit with this scandal.  The “when was the last time you’ve been fucked” text messages and threesome dreams made sure of that!  He needs to go on ahead and leave Elin’s ass now and just take one big hit one good time!  Otherwise, he’s going to end up paying his live-in babysitter Elin more money than he’d care to!

Trust, Elin was not a nanny for a pro golfer by mistake!  She knew what she was doing.  She’s striking while the iron is hot, just like the mistresses!  She ain’t slick. 

Updates:  Allegedly Elin was given $5 million to stay with Woods.  Elin has renegotiated to receive a supposed $55 million settlement for staying married to Tiger less than the original 10 years if they split.  Should she leave after 7 years, she stands to earn upwards of $80 million!  DING!!!!

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Big Boi…Little Problem

Word is that Antwan “Big Boi” Patton owes Uncle Sam $55,727 in back taxes.  The thing that gets me about people commenting on celebrities and their so-called financial woes is that half the time the shit ain’t a woe. 

Big Boi clearly has 56 racks!  The nigga is just lazy.  To you and me, that’s a lot, but that roses smell like boo-boo money can take care of that and then some.

On the other hand, nigga, pay your fucking taxes and be done with it.  Why do celebrities do stupid shit like this?  It’s like when they get DUIs.  We know regular muthafuckas on Twitter who have around the clock car service.  Surely, a member of Outkast can afford the same….and why do they call him “Uncle Sam”?  I have no uncles with a fresh press and curl!

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