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Balloon Boy Bullshit…

Everyone in America was glued to their TVs today watching an oversized Jiffy Popcorn bag fly the friendly skies in Colorado.  The irony of his name being Falcon should keep late night talk show hosts full of jokes for at least a week!

As we all know, the boy was not in the hot air balloon.  He was hiding in the attic of the house in a cardboard box.  The family was already on Wife Swap showcasing their love of storm chasing and other bullshit like that!  I guess the scientist daddy’s ideas didn’t blow up after the show.  So he and his wife came up with a new plan.  Let’s hide Falcon in the attic, send the hot air balloon up and have muthafuckas tryna buy my prototype!  Watch what we tell you.  This was all part of their master plan!

They need to put these crazy ass people in JAIL for wasting tax payers money and law enforcement’s time!  Even the FAA was involved in this shit!  They betta have to repay every last dolla!  If the runaway bride had to, then so should they!  And for the love of Pete, take those kids away from these lunatics!

Update:  Here’s the video of this little boy saying he did it for the show!  We knew it!

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Katt Williams Hospitalized for Mental Evaluation

Lord have mercy!  Katt Williams‘ crazy ass has been admitted to a hospital for mental evaluation because… well…..he’s fucking crazy!  Anybody that damn funny has to have at least one foot and a wrist on the lunatic side of the fence.  They say that geniuses are prone to mental instability.  Seriously though, Hollywood and Vine love Katt Williams and pray for the safe return of his sanity!

Here’s what The Item is reporting:

On Friday, he turned up in Sumter and allegedly underwent a mental health evaluation for a possible hospital commitment, at the urging of local family members. This was after run-ins with both city and county law enforcement.

The day’s bizarre events began with a call to police early in the morning.

Sumter Police Department Maj. Perry Herod said officers responded to a call in reference to suspicious behavior by Williams, 35, on Friday morning at the Mount Vernon Inn.

“And officers did talk with him, and then my understanding is he went on his own to Tuomey Hospital,” Herod said.

“Basically we just received a call in reference to a possible suspicious person, but that’s the extent of the dealings we had with him,” said Sumter Police Chief Patty Patterson.

Patterson said Williams was trying to acquire a room at the motel when hotel employees called at around 8:30 a.m. due to his strange attire: a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around his head. After determining no criminal activity was taking place, officers left.

“He asked for some directions, which he was given, and we departed,” she said.

Williams appeared on the doorsteps of attorney Garryl Deas’ office at 201 N. Main St. around 9 a.m. Friday, after his encounter with police, according to Deas. Deas said the actor came and solicited the attorney’s help, though he said he has not been hired to represent Williams.

During this brief conversation, Deas said Williams told him he felt the police were “attempting to violate his rights” and he was interested in retaining Deas’ representation. Williams also went on to talk about his entertainment career and revealed there were people who thought he was missing because he had failed to report to some engagements, Deas said. The actor said there were even rumors he had perished in a plane crash, which Deas said was obviously not true.

“He was alive and in color in my office this morning,” he said.

Deas said he talked with Williams until about 9:30 a.m. when the attorney had to leave for a court appearance. Williams asked if he could wait for Deas, and Deas told him he could, Deas said.

When Deas returned to his office at about 10:30 a.m., Williams was waiting for him. By this time, Deas said, Williams’ behavior had changed.

“His demeanor was a little troubled,” Deas said. He said the actor seemed “disoriented.”

About that time, family or close friends of Williams arrived to try to take him to the hospital for mental evaluation, Deas said. He said the family was seeking to have the actor committed. He was under the impression the family members were a teenaged daughter and the daughter’s mother. Williams, however, did not want to listen to their urging that he visit the hospital, Deas said.

His erratic behavior continued.

“He just said that he doesn’t trust anyone anymore,” Deas said. He said he thought “everyone has turned against him. He wasn’t really coherent.”

By that point, the actor was “speaking gibberish,” Deas said, though he declined to guess whether the actor was intoxicated.

Deas said the family was seeking an order from a probate judge to force him to be seen for a mental evaluation. Sumter Probate Judge Dale Atkinson, however, said neither he nor any of his staff issued a pickup order for anyone by the name of Katt Williams.

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said, however, that an order was issued by the probate court and that because his department becomes involved with these type of matters, his office was called.

Dennis said the call came in around noon and deputies arrived to transport Williams to the hospital. Though he was vocal in his desire not to go, Williams was not physically aggressive.

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Surprise, Wanda Sykes Is Gay…NOT!

Wanda Sykes FINALLY came out of the closet during a rally in Las Vegas yesterday!  Um, who the fuck is surprised by this news?  Hollywood and Vine damn sure ain’t!  Hollywood loves Wanda, not Vine.  She’s just not funny, gay or straight.  As a matter of fact the funniest thing Vine has ever heard her say was “CaliforniER and NOvada” during her press conference.  What we really wanna know is if her wife is black.  Just sayin’…

Now everybody wants Queen Latifah to come out next.  Folks need to leave Latifah the fuck alone.  Ya’ll know Jeannette is just her personal trainer!!

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