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Fantasia, Sit Down Somewhere…

According to everyone from People to CNN, Fantasia Barrino was rushed to a North Carolina hospital last night for a drug overdose “possible medication overdose”.  It’s clearly not a coincidence that she was pill poppin’ the same day that white America found out about her affair and sex tape with her married boyfriend.   

Obviously, Fantasia needs a hug.  She claimed in her statement that she had nothing to do with Antwuan Cook’s marriage breaking up and that she’s done nothing wrong, but trying to kill yourself would lead people to believe that you are feeling like shit guilty about where you are in life.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re going to pray for Fantasia because she obviously needs prayer.  But she’s stable and her life ain’t in danger after an alleged overdose which MIGHT mean that her ass was just trying to get some attention.  She needs to sit down somewhere, let that man go, focus on herself and her child and make music!  And her family needs to be there unconditionally while she’s getting her shit together whether she’s giving their freeloading asses money or not! 

UPDATE:  Fantasia took aspirin and tylenol PM sleep aids in her attempt to end her life, according to her manager.  Ya’ll think we are mean and crazy, but didn’t we say earlier that she was just trying to get attention!  Nobody in their right mind, not even a depressed person, thinks they’ll die from taking some aspirin and sleep aids!

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Let the Glambert Backlash Begin…

Didn’t I tell ya’ll that Adam Lambert should’ve just sang and called it a night on Sunday at the AMAs?  Now ABC has announced that they’ve pulled the plug on his scheduled Good Morning America performance!  I say good for them!

I don’t give a damn about him kissing a man.  I truly don’t think ABC does either.  After all, they do air Brothers & Sisters and Modern Family, both of which have openly gay characters who frequently kiss and display intimacy on the show.  The problem is that you can’t simulate oral sex, gay or straight, on live, national fucking television!  What the hell was he thinking?  Which one of his “people” told him that shit was a good idea?

Superstars have been getting fined for decades simulating sexual acts on stage in concert!  So he damn sure needs to at least get  fine for that bullshit stunt he pulled the other night on tv.  I guess he sees how much shock value is accepted in this country!

People watch award shows to laugh and feel good, not to take Head 101! 

Do you think ABC was right or wrong?

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Steve McNair’s Tragic Murder

Surely there is no person who hasn’t heard the sad news about the tragic murder in which Steve McNair was killed today as the world celebrates our country’s independence.

First of all, our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones!  His poor, sweet wife and children certainly don’t deserve to have to deal with this.

The only details that have emerged at this point are that he was fatally killed by multiple gunshot wounds.  There was also a female found murdered on the scene.  Police sources close to the investigation said that the woman was his mistress, 20 year old Sahel Kazemi!  She suffered a fatal, single gunshot wound to the head. 

Witnesses confirmed that he frequently visited the downtown Nashville, TN condo.  McNair was the co-renter of the condo.  Police have ruled his death a murder, but have yet to confirm that Kazemi committed suicide. 

Something should always be learned when some senseless bullshit like this happens!  Men AND women, if you are married, then be married!  If you want some different stuff, then get divorced FIRST!  Period!  Nothing good can come from stepping out on your spouse.  Not one damn thing.

Now we must say RIP to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL!

Update: As more details emerge, we’ll keep our readers updated!

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Tila Tequila Attacked!

Evidently nothing is off limits for “celebrities” on Twitter!  First Dawn Richard, formerly of Danity Kane, and her allegedly gay, recovering addict boyfriend Que from Day 26 talk about how many rounds of tantric sex they have…now Tila Tequila lets her followers know that she was attacked just a few hours ago.  Around 1:30am, Tila twittered:

OMG! I was dropping off my GF and then 6 guys attacked me at a gas station!! That is so fucked up! How are 6 men going to attack a woman???

One of the guys tried to grab me so I said “DONT FUCKING GRAB ME” then a gang of the guys rolled up on me and was like “FUCK U BITCH” etc!!!

Then they all started ganging up on me when Im BY MYSELF and I got so scared! I ran to my car and they started chasing me! WTF!! SO WRONG!

Then while one guy was about to grab me and hit me, his friend was taking pictures….It was really scary! This makes me so upset!!!!!!!!

I actually ran to my car and started crying. I was so scared! How are 6 men going to try to hit me and attack me at a gas station????

Why in the WORLD would I call police?? Sit there and wait for police while 6 guys trying to hit me then rape me??? I ran to my car crying!

First of all, we’re glad she’s okay!  Seriously!  But here’s the thing, I don’t give a damn who you are, women should not be at gas stations alone at 1 o’clock in the morning, period!!  THIS is exactly why. 

Muthafuckas are crazy and sittin’ around waitin’ for a tiny ass female like Tila to roll through for this exact reason.  Why don’t all women know this? 

Don’t even start saying that I’m saying she deserved shit cuz I didn’t and she didn’t!  But women have to ALWAYS be thinkin’ that someone is tryna fuck with them and be prepared for that shit!  Stop thinkin’ the shit won’t happen to you!

Lastly, “celebrities” need to understand that when they put themselves out there as being a boss or someone not to be fucked with, muthafuckas will fuck with you just to prove a point.  Ask Jalen Rose.  Ask that nigga from the Raiders who’s always wearin’ fur coats.  Ask Eric Dampier.  You can’t be on Twitter talkin’ about how you’re not to be fucked with physically…niggas will fuck with you and then try to take a picture!  Some people are just crazy ass fools with SHIT to lose! 

Always be thinking!  Always protect yourselves, especially women!

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Racial Slur Printed on Receipt

Have ya’ll heard about this bullshit?  A young, black college student was home visiting his family in Kansas on a break from school.  He bought a pair of shoes at Journeys, a department store inside a mall in Overland Park, KS.  He later found the same pair of shoes at a different store for a lesser amount.  Obviously, he bought them there and returned the first pair to Journeys. 

What he saw on his return receipt later on that night is fucking mind blowing!  The “reason for return” that the employee chose FROM THE SYSTEM was “Dumb Nigger”!  No, this shit is not a joke.  This department store, Journeys, actually has Dumb Nigger programmed into their system as a reason for a return! 

Hollywood & Vineare not too surprised, but we’re still a little speechless…a little!  We don’t live in Kansas and we don’t shop at Journeys.  However, we hope that all of our readers in Kansas and anywhere else this piece of shit store is located will never spend another dolla in there ever again!  Click here to watch the video and tell us what you think! 

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