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Terrell Owens: Wide Receiver?

Awww shit, Hollywood and Vine will jump right in!  Our sources tell us that Terrell Owens has been moonlighting as a different kind of wide receiver…as in open your mouth wide and don’t use teeth receiver!  Vine’s boy was caught with a dick in his mouth!  Yes, you read it right…a d-i-c-k in his mouth. 

Hollywood and Vine’s sources tell us that earlier this month, T.O.’s oral session was intercepted by an unexpected visitor.  Ain’t that a bitch?  This nigga was giving!  Who knew that those ashy ass lips were DSL on the low.  We guess nut ain’t good for your skin!  Developing…

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Kim Zolciak: Big Papa

Hollywood and Vine know that all you nosey MoFos out there in cyber space have been googling Kim and Big Papa since the season premiere.  Many bloggers have out and out lied to you; Big Papa’s identity will most certainly NOT be revealed by the end of the season.  Kim is not his girlfriend, she is his mistress, obviously. 

Yes, Hollywood and Vine know who the fuck Big Papa is, but we are going to have some fun with this!  The season just started.  It wouldn’t be right to reveal so early on!  We’ll help you out though.  For all of you thinking Dallas Austin or Michael Jordan, you’re dead wrong!  Big Papa has more money and power than you can imagine!  Trust, this piece of trash came UP, even more than she did with her ex-husband!

Hollywood and Vine want to know your guesses anyway.  Post your comments!

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Rick Ross Cleaning House?

It appears that Rick Ross is cleaning house and he’s starting with Triple C’s.  These days, Triple C’s seems to stand for Can’t Cut Checks more than Carol City Cartel, but we digress!  In June, Triple C’s were absent as Ross’s arm candy for the BET Awards.  Now their asses were nowhere to be found at the recent BET Hip Hop Awards.  Ross is ALWAYS with Flo-Rida, a fellow Poe Boy artist. 

Granted, they did a show in the Bahamas during that time in June, BUT everyone on Earth attended the BET Hip Hop Awards.  Why weren’t they there?  Hollywood and Vine think he’s done with his boys and moving on to bigger and better projects!  The Black Flag was supposed to be released in August 2007.  It’s damn near 2009!  Clearly, someone waved the white flag at their asses and said fuck it, we give up!  Legendary!

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Baron Davis: Charity Case?

Hollywood and Vine can’t do anything but laugh at this!  Baron Davis, former great white, we mean black, hope of the Golden State Warriors is now accepting automobiles from his favorite white woman! 

Baron is allegedly in a “relationship” with a white chick whose family has more than enough cash.  So, she went out and bought a brand new 6 Series BMW for his ass; like he couldn’t do the shit on his own.  What is wrong with these hoes?  Always trying to be so different that they make themselves look just like the rest! 

Baron, come back over to the dark side bruh!  Even your boy “Toast” fucks with more dime pieces than you!

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Okay, I know that it’s been a while since anyone has even thought about The Booty and the Beast a.k.a Beyonce and Jay-Z.  That’s why it doesn’t surprise Hollywood that now she wants to talk about her relationship, tattoo and marriage ALL right before her 3rd solo CD is due to be released!  Check out Essence.com for excerpts.

Obviously money, fame and millions of adoring fans can’t buy you confidence.  It’s so sad that after all these years she doesn’t feel that her talent alone will sell CDs, concert tickets, movie tickets, etc.  I love Beyonce, but right now she is on my sit down and hush list!  Boop!

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