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Chris Brown New CD F.A.M.E released today

Well I am sure all the people who live in glass houses have thrown their stones at CB today. Not me, I am fully aware that Vine does not agree with me on this subject. I am SICK of fucking  journalist bringing  up this Rihanna beating shit! Ok we all saw the pictures ,yes he was wrong for defending  hitting Rihanna . He has paid his dues society….MOVE ON!!! I am someone who has dealt with anger issues in the past and I know how hard it can be to control yourself, no I am not making excuses for his behavior but I do understand. This is a very talented young man who has a lot to offer the entertainment world if you let him. I purchased Fame today 2 to be exact. Chris needs to surround himself with people who want to help him succeed not a bunch of yes people who are afraid to tell him he has a serious problem and needs to get help. Keep your head up CB!

Michelle Williams “Sick of It – Remix”


Nope, Michelle Williams is not sitting on her hands waiting for another Destiny’s Child album to drop.  Bitch is doing her thing!  I love this single.  Click here to check out the Sick of It remix and tell H & V what you think!

…Vine…in  minute

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