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Pia Toscano’s Record Deal Shocker…NOT!

Moments after the West Coast feed of American Idol gave us the news that Pia Toscano had been eliminated, I told ya’ll what the real deal was.  Now we find out that Pia has, in fact, been signed to Interscope!  Interscope = Jimmy Iovine, in case you live under a rock.  They’ve rushed her into the studio to push out an album ASAP.

A source told Us Weekly “Starting [Thursday] night after the show, Interscope told her they wanted her and first thing [Friday] morning Interscope brass started calling every top songwriter and producer in town to get an album together and rush release it.”

Question.  Since when are Idol castoffs allowed to release an album prior to the release of the winner’s album?  That would be never.  Trust me when I tell you.  Pia’s album will be out first.

Coincidence?  Not a chance.  I knew this shit was fixed from the gate.  One day ya’ll will listen to me:)

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Chris Brown Strikes [a window] Again

So I wake up this morning to the news that Ike Turner Chris Brown acted a complete and utter fool at Good Morning America.  His new album comes out today and I’m guessing Robin Roberts was interviewing him before a performance.  Of course, she asked him about the Rihanna incident during their sit down.  He tried to redirect her, but being the pro she is, she kept at him.  What does this asshole do?  He goes back to the Green Room, grabs a chair and breaks a damn window. TMZ has a photo of the window; go there to see it.

#1: Can we all agree that he did not successfully complete his anger management classes?

#2: How is this his publicist’s fault?

#3:  How many more passes does this fool get?

He physically abused one of the biggest pop stars in the world; people are gonna keep asking him about it.  He’s an adult now.  Adults learn how to deal with shit that they don’t like sensibly, not by becoming an enraged and out of control gorilla.  Chris Brown needs to do some serious soul-searching while laying on a couch with a doctor helping him along the way.  Ain’t no shame in that.  Black (and white) folks giving this troubled person numerous passes for his bad behavior will NOT help him.  Believe that.

Are you done giving Chris a pass?  You still buying his new album?

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Update:  A source at GMA told Black Media Scoop that Chris was well aware that the Rihanna question would be asked ahead of time.

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Gun Charges…

I don’t even have the energy to  keep up with rappers and their cases, but I can always run my mouth about it.  Lil Wayne has pleaded guilty to some kind of gun charges.  I guess he was illegally in possession of guns on his tour bus or some shit.  He could face 8 months to a year in jail.

If you read this blog, you know me well enough to know that I say…GOOD!  I am so sick of niggas acting like donkies!  Why does Lil Wayne have guns on his tour bus?  Why does someone with Lil Wayne’s money not simply hire a person who can legally carry weapons to protect him if it’s that serious?  Did nobody learn from Plexiglass Burress ass?

This is just ignorance to the nth power!  I don’t give a damn who you are.  If you break the law, put their ass in jail, period!  I’m as tired of this bullshit as I am with celebrities launching clothing lines!


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J Lo aka Lola…”Fresh Out the Oven”

Jennifer Lopez calls herself coming back to english records since her spanish album flopped with a new Neptunes produced track Fresh Out the Oven featuring that annoying ass Pitbull.  It’s horrible!  The beat is lazy and the lyrics sound like her twins wrote them.

J Lo, Jennifer Lopez, Lola or whatever she’s called needs to either find a new black hip hop artist to fuck or revert back to Ashanti singing and writing for her…ain’t that funnnaaaay!

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Kim Zolciak – “Tardy To The Party” Single

Before you listen to this auto tune infused, Lady Gaga soundin’, dance track, do yourselves a favor and swallow anything that is currently in your mouth and/or remove all liquids from near your computer!  When you’re done, think back to the days when it was difficult to make a record for the masses to hear!

Tardy to the Party

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Rihanna the Ripper…


In spite of Rihanna’s rep saying that RiRi and Los Angeles Lakers star Andrew Bynum are not an item, our sources tell us otherwise!

We give her until after the hype of the Lakers winning the championship (Vine’s prediction) dies down, before Rihanna the Ripper will be on to someone new!  Baby girl is too young to spreading herself (and her legs) so thin.

…in a minute

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Celebrities on Twitter…Our Thoughts

As ya’ll know, there are a ton of celebrities on Twitter.  H&V don’t follow all of them, but we follow a few and must speak on it.  Actually, one in particular irritated the shit outta Vine this morning.   But we figured, why single his ass out?!

Britney Spears – She and her people Tweet sometimes.  She might even follow you.  MIGHT!  Compared to other celebs with 60,000 followers who only follow 15 of their fucking fans like Donnie Wahlberg, Britney is more in the spirit of things!

Ashton Kutcher– The supposed Mayor of Twitterville/King of Twitter probably won’t find you important enough to follow, but he occasionally responds to his admirers.

Guiliana Rancic – She’s fun to follow.  Doesn’t take herself too seriously and definitely interacts with everyone.  She even dishes on celebrities from time to time.

Shaq– Funny as shit to follow.  He pretty much responds to all @replies.  So once you get used to skipping over shit that has nothing to do with you, it’s cool.  He’s been known to leave game tickets at Will Call for his Tweeps.

Lamar Odom – Love him on Twitter!  He’s a witty muthafucka.  Read some of his @replies to fans.  He has charisma!  He won’t sit for hours on end talking to people, but he’ll give as many fans as possible attention a good 20-30 minutes almost daily!  And he’s fine as fuck!

Perez Hilton – Unless you’re a celebrity or think he can say/do no wrong, he won’t acknowledge you.

Marvet Britto– For all ya’ll in PR or getting into PR, you need to follow her ass.  Still one of the baddest bitches in the game.  She gives up PR knowledge daily.  She won’t follow you back, but she does respond to pretty much all questions.

Jim Jones – worth following just to try and decipher his damn updates and read about his crazy antics.

Kelly Rowland – Love her!  She’s sweet and down to earth.  Like we all didn’t know that.  She talks about her life on the daily.  She might follow you if you ask her to and she’ll more than likely respond to your @reply.

Paula Abdul – She responds to every fucking body!  She loves being able to speak directly to her fans.  She tweets about Idol a lot, too.

June Ambrose– God love her and she’s talented as hell, but she tweets too damn much.  We both had to unfollow her.  It’s too much.

Solange Knowles– She’s another one who tweets too much, BUT at least she’s funny sometimes.  Like the other day when she was out and the DJ at the spot wouldn’t play her request so she called him a dickhead LOL!

MC Hammer – There are no words.  You must follow him to understand.

Brandy – She keeps it real!  She even talked about Unique the other day!

Evan Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross – We think both of these are fakes!

Derek Hough– He’s a crack up!  Tweetin’ about how Lil Kim comes like 3 hours late to rehearsal and even takes pics of the clock LOL!

Star Jones – We don’t give a fuck what anyone says, we like Star.  She’s honest, but not too over the top!  She probably won’t follow you, but she will respond to you!

Tyrese – He’s hilarious.  Worth the follow.  He might actually speak to non-celebrity followers, too.

Fantasia – Fake account.  The real Fantasia is not on Twitter! 

Day 26 – Can’t stand these pretentious barely celebrities!  They do not follow their fans nor do they respond!  How the fuck you gonna be traveling around promoting your album and when fans ask when and where you’ll be making an appearance, you don’t respond to them?  What the hell kinda sense does that make?  Day 26, ya’ll are pissing off your fans…with ya’ll down low asses (allegedly)!

We’ll be updating this list from time to time so check back!

Any other celebrity Twitter insight?  Tell H&V all about it!

H&V…in a minute

Making the Band 4: 4/16/09 Season Finale Pt. 1

First of all, can we take a poll on how many people think Queis doing some very good drugs?  I mean, it sho seems like it to us!  Just sayin’…

Poor Aundrea.  She’s so cute, but she looks like she ate skinny Aubrey.  Anyone remember the time when Aubrey was hella skinny, had no boobs and could move her lips and face?

Aight, here we go.  Diddyjust fired Drea!  Dayum!  I mean, errbody knows that Dawn’scurrently in L.A. workin’ on her solo album.  So I ain’t shocked, but Drea had to know that once she quit on Diddy, he wouldn’t fuck wit her no more.  Come on now.  Dawn knew that shit!  When he told Dawn that she was stayin’ on the label, did ya’ll see that bitch exhale?!  She was relieved as shit, but had enough tact not to gloat!  Then MTV was fucked up enough to play one of their songs LOL! 

They can thank Aubrey for fucking up their money!  These bitches are dumb for letting Aubrey’s overly raunchy and promiscuous (Diddy’s words, not mine) ass ruin the group.  Now what are they doing?  Drea is probably still somewhere eatin’.  At this point she looks like she has food stored in her cheeks.  D Woods is probably somewhere with a bad weave performing with her other “group” that nobody knows the name of.  Aubrey’s somewhere unable to move her top lip.  She’s too fat to pose for anything anymore or dance and she could never sing!  Shannon and her husband are somewhere living in a friend’s garage and shit!  How is THIS better than Danity Kane?

Back at the penthouse, Day 26is talking about Diddy’s decision to put Que’s high as a kite ass on “time out”!  If they don’t stop saying “brother” every 5 words!  If they’re such tight “brothers”, then why don’t they encourage their “brother” Que to go to rehab?   

Dawn’s crying on Que’s shoulder, but let’s keep it real!  Dawn should be happy to get rid of the dead weight.  She was ridin’ with DK and Bad Boy from the start.  She never wavered.  Those other bitches did!  You really want four sometime-E bitches responsible for whether or not you get paid?  Doubt it!  Bitch should be cryin’ tears of joy!

Day 26 (minus Que) and Donnie are at sea on their way to the Bahamas.  Why do these niggas always act like they ain’t never seen nice shit before whenever they see a nice suite? 

Oh GAWD, an alarm just went off.  By the time these dumb ass fools got down to the deck, everyone had their life vests on, even Donnie, EXCEPT Day 26!  These fools strolled down like they were going for a walk in the park.  Did ya’ll see the white folks lookin’ like “why don’t those black gentlemen have their life vests on?”.  Donnie was lookin’ like “I’m glad I didn’t get picked for their group”. 

Um, what was with the drunk white girl LOL?  That shit was hilarious.  LIKE OH MY GAWD, I LOOOVE YOU GUYS!  But my favorite part was when Willie said he had a “girlfriend”, she said “where’s Diddy?”.  LOL!  Bitch ain’t waste no time.  She was like fuck it, I’m on vacation and I want one of these big black muthafuckas to rock my world!  But isn’t Willie married?  What the fuck was the girlfriend thing all about.

These niggas para-sailing!  Robert is mad as hell that he got his new Jordans wet!  WHY are you para sailing with sneakers on?  Black men would wear sneakers in the bed if a bitch would let they ass!  Take that shit OFF.

Is Brian officially the only dude in music still wearin’ corn rows? 

Seemed like the only one missing Que’s junky ass was Brian!  How sweet.  Brian called Que to check on him.  Ummm, did I just hear his message right.  He said that the other “brothers” were asleep AND they really wanted to holla at him!  Which one is it? 

I think next week for Part 2 of the finale I am going to keep a tally of how many times they say brother!

See what I told ya!  Dawn dried those damn tears and she’s lookin’ to take care of herself!  That’s right, you got to.  Those bitches didn’t think about you when they started fuckin’ up.  Now she and Que are on the way to her Vibe Magazine photo shoot!  Dawn, boo, you couldn’t take a quick razor to them underarms before you did a bikini shoot?  I’m just askin’…Other than that, bitch worked that shit out!  Dawn really is the shit! 

Here goes Que wallowing in his own purple haze self pity! 

Back at sea, Day 26 can’t figure out how to rearrange their formations without Que’s ass.  It ain’t that damn hard.  Get ya’lls shit together! 

Poor Donnie can’t even take his shirt off anymore.  We need to put out an APB on his 6 pack cuz that shit is missing! 

Day after the show, Big Mike and Robert agreed that the show was fine without Que.  They think Brian was distracted by Que’s absence, but to me, he was the only one on stage giving 100%! 

Next week:  Live Finale.  Day 26 and Donnie are going to perform.  Diddy said that maybe all of Danity Kane will be there.  Yeah right. 

What did ya’ll think of Part 1?  You think DK will be at the live finale?

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Jamie Foxx vs. Miley Cyrus…the battle continues

Now Miley Cyrus and her “camp” are playing the victim and expecting an apology from Jamie Foxx.  Let me get this shit straight.  She feels offended by what Jamie said, yet she hasn’t apologized for threatening to “ruin” Radiohead?  Um, okay!

Billy Ray, the talentless wonder from whom she gets her lack of talent, “thinks Jamie was out of line and didn’t find any humor in it,” according to a source who spoke to E!  “He doesn’t understand why he would do that to Miley especially since has has a teenage daughter himself.”

A rep for the Cyrus family has declihed to comment.  “Billy Ray isn’t going to say anything publicly because he doesn’t want this to escalate,” the source said.  “He wishes it would just go away.”

Jamie’s rep said he would be releasing a statement, but he hasn’t yet.  He did offer that “Jamie’s show is a comedy.”

Aight, let me break this shit down!  Billy Ray, if you want to bring up what other muthafuckas will and won’t do with their teenage daughters, let’s talk about how Jamie would never let his daughter date a fucking grown ass man!  Really, you need to be a bit more concerned about your own kitchen before you go bitchin’ about some shit Jamie Foxx, a man who doesn’t pay your mortgage or put food on your fucking table, said about your kid or what he would or wouldn’t do about his own kid!  Period!

Ain’t releasing statements from Billy Ray through a “source” the same as his ass saying something publicly?  Do celebrities think we’re dumb?  Ain’t nothin’ to escalate.  Jamie is an Oscar winning actor and multi-platinum selling recording artist!  You were on Dancing w/the Stars.  You got nothin’ Billy Ray.

I don’t give a fuck.  Team Jamie!  And as one of our readers so kindly pointed out, Ms. Miley was sittin’ around not so long ago gettin’ her laugh on while makin’ “chink eyes” with her buddies!  That shit was FAR WORSE than Jamie callin’ her a white bitch or suggesting she try some drugs that she’s probably already tried with her 21 year old boyfriend!

Update…Jamie Foxx has apologized to this crazy ass broad.  Click here to read his “I can’t risk having low box office numbers for my new movie” apology.

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Jamie Foxx Played the Shit Outta Miley Cyrus…

Guess it’s safe to say that Jamie Foxx and Miley Cyrus, or Billy Ray for that matter, won’t be doin’ any collaborations together in the future.  On The Foxxhole, Jamie’s Sirius satellite radio show, he spoke on the “little white bitch” (his words – don’t shoot the messenger) and her vow to “ruin” Radiohead cuz they didn’t wanna meet her ass before their Grammys performance.

We know people are gonna have some shit to say about Jamie and his crew gettin’ on this little girl, but we think the bigger problem is this Miley talkin’ bout she gone ruin somebody! 

Who the fuck is she?  And why is it that damn serious?  So they didn’t want to meet you..so the fuck what!  You ain’t nobody to tell you the truth.  That shit is hella fuckin’ vindictive!  THAT is the real issue, not Jamie’s name callin’!

She done got beside herself since her 16 year old ass started fuckin’ that overaged boy…allegedly, of course!

H&V…in a minute


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