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Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Season 3 Premiere


Where does Hollywood begin?  Let me start by saying that I am a huge Keyshia Cole fan! However, the saying “never forget where you came from” does NOT apply to her ass!  Keyshia needs to remove and forget EVERY SINGLE ONE of those East Oakland crack heads and alcoholics from her life, period!  No disrespect to the Bay!  Hollywood loves all my Fly Girlz and Hustlas from 105th to the Murder Dubbs! But those leaches are going to drain that poor girl dry!!!



How the fuck does Frankie think she can come back in the picture after abandoning Keyshia at the age of 2?  On top of that, she expects her not to have a relationship with the Coles? What the fuck is wrong with this woman?  THEY RAISED HER AND MOLDED HER INTO THE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN SHE IS TODAY!  At least Neffie is trying to get her life together…thanks to Keyshia buying and furnishing her a brand new home for her triflin’ ass! 



All the arguing and crying on that show is just a 2008 version of Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake.  They sounded like wild boars!  I refuse to watch this shit!  It makes my damn stomach hurt.



Question…Is drinking and driving legal in the ATL because Keyshia Cole and Kim Zolciak (Real Housewives of Atlanta) both jumped into their $200,000+ sports cars with full wine glasses like they were holding bottles of fucking Fiji water.  Just wondering!



Did you watch the premiere?  Tell Hollywood and Vine your thoughts.



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