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Chris Brown Strikes [a window] Again

So I wake up this morning to the news that Ike Turner Chris Brown acted a complete and utter fool at Good Morning America.  His new album comes out today and I’m guessing Robin Roberts was interviewing him before a performance.  Of course, she asked him about the Rihanna incident during their sit down.  He tried to redirect her, but being the pro she is, she kept at him.  What does this asshole do?  He goes back to the Green Room, grabs a chair and breaks a damn window. TMZ has a photo of the window; go there to see it.

#1: Can we all agree that he did not successfully complete his anger management classes?

#2: How is this his publicist’s fault?

#3:  How many more passes does this fool get?

He physically abused one of the biggest pop stars in the world; people are gonna keep asking him about it.  He’s an adult now.  Adults learn how to deal with shit that they don’t like sensibly, not by becoming an enraged and out of control gorilla.  Chris Brown needs to do some serious soul-searching while laying on a couch with a doctor helping him along the way.  Ain’t no shame in that.  Black (and white) folks giving this troubled person numerous passes for his bad behavior will NOT help him.  Believe that.

Are you done giving Chris a pass?  You still buying his new album?

Vine…in a minute

Update:  A source at GMA told Black Media Scoop that Chris was well aware that the Rihanna question would be asked ahead of time.

Whitney, The Party Is Over….Or Is It?

I know everybody wit a TV watched Whitney choke on Good Morning America today!  Was that not just a sad moment in music history?  Sorry, but it was.

Clearly, smoking cigarettes, “etc.”, has taken its toll on Whitney’s voice.  It ain’t comin back.  SHE might have a come back, but her voice is still wearing a bad, curly wig sanging “I Will Always Love You”!  Ever since Whitney struggled through “Count On Me”during the Grammys and CeCe Winans had to pick up the slack, I accepted that she was gone.  But here’s what I can’t accept.  How is her own mama not gonna tell her she cain’t sang no more?

It’s like they’re still exploiting a still high as a kite sober Whitney just like they did when she was on that shit!  ALL of her ‘people’ knew she was incapable of sounding like a half way decent singer on GMA, but nobody said peep!  THAT is foul as shit! 

And did ya’ll see Whitney say “fuck it, I’m bored” and walk off the stage BEFORE I’m Every Woman was over?  Admit it, you laughed.  I know I did.  Diane and Robin were standing there looking at each other like what the fuck is wrong with this bitch? 

It was a train wreck of epic proportions!  I suggest Whitney fans mourn her former voice and accept that it ain’t neva comin’ back.  The way she was running and skippin round the stage looked like she’s still keepin the party going on the DL.  Just sayin…

What did ya’ll think of the performance?

…in a minute

Actin A Complete Donkey in the Club…

This is why white folks love segregated clubs!  These assholes (no pun intended) up in the club actin’ a complete donkey!  What kind of nasty bitch let’s someone go down on them in fucking public?  You have to be a low self esteem havin’ ass broad to do some shit like this.  Black people, black people, we have to do better than this!

Not only is this shit shameful, but it’s disgusting!  What’s worse is that not a single nigga in their crew looks appalled by this tom foolery!  They’re too busy pushing her ass up to make sure he can get all up IN the coochie!  SMH!!

If you have any friends that find this photo cute, then you need to drop them as soon as you leave this blog.  Clearly, we’re gonna have to shun niggas into change since even a black President had no impact!

By the way, if you know any of the people in this photo, please let us know how to contact their ignorant, nasty ass!

…in a minute…Vine

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