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Chris Brown New CD F.A.M.E released today

Well I am sure all the people who live in glass houses have thrown their stones at CB today. Not me, I am fully aware that Vine does not agree with me on this subject. I am SICK of fucking  journalist bringing  up this Rihanna beating shit! Ok we all saw the pictures ,yes he was wrong for defending  hitting Rihanna . He has paid his dues society….MOVE ON!!! I am someone who has dealt with anger issues in the past and I know how hard it can be to control yourself, no I am not making excuses for his behavior but I do understand. This is a very talented young man who has a lot to offer the entertainment world if you let him. I purchased Fame today 2 to be exact. Chris needs to surround himself with people who want to help him succeed not a bunch of yes people who are afraid to tell him he has a serious problem and needs to get help. Keep your head up CB!

Chris Brown Strikes [a window] Again

So I wake up this morning to the news that Ike Turner Chris Brown acted a complete and utter fool at Good Morning America.  His new album comes out today and I’m guessing Robin Roberts was interviewing him before a performance.  Of course, she asked him about the Rihanna incident during their sit down.  He tried to redirect her, but being the pro she is, she kept at him.  What does this asshole do?  He goes back to the Green Room, grabs a chair and breaks a damn window. TMZ has a photo of the window; go there to see it.

#1: Can we all agree that he did not successfully complete his anger management classes?

#2: How is this his publicist’s fault?

#3:  How many more passes does this fool get?

He physically abused one of the biggest pop stars in the world; people are gonna keep asking him about it.  He’s an adult now.  Adults learn how to deal with shit that they don’t like sensibly, not by becoming an enraged and out of control gorilla.  Chris Brown needs to do some serious soul-searching while laying on a couch with a doctor helping him along the way.  Ain’t no shame in that.  Black (and white) folks giving this troubled person numerous passes for his bad behavior will NOT help him.  Believe that.

Are you done giving Chris a pass?  You still buying his new album?

Vine…in a minute

Update:  A source at GMA told Black Media Scoop that Chris was well aware that the Rihanna question would be asked ahead of time.

Rihanna Speaks…


Rihanna is set to appear on Good Morning America this Thursday to tell it all!  ABC will then drag out the interview for ratings continue the interview on Friday during a 20/20 special.

I will believe that she’s going to spill her guts when I see it.  If she’s anything like her former flamer, Chris Brown, she’ll hardly tell the public anything.  My only hope is that after this Thursday and Friday‘s ratings bonanza, we won’t have to hear about this shit anymore!  Ya’ll have promoted your albums enough…let’s move on!

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Diddy Speaks…

Diddy was on Ellen this week and you know she had to ask about Chris,  Rihanna and why Diddy’s crazy ass put them up at Casa de Combs!  H&V might be crazy our damn selves, but we can read between the lines.  Diddy said exactly what the hell we reported in the first place…that this ain’t the first time either of them hit each other! 

Ya’ll can say what you want, but H&V think people should be talkin’ about bitcheswomen physically abusing men as much as men beatin’ women.  Both wrong…both should stop!

And thank you Diddy for lettin’ Ellen know that Number 1, it’s your damn house and you can do what the fuck you want with it!

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Cougars on the Come Up…

Photo: Arnold Turner/WireImage

Photo: Arnold Turner/WireImage

That’s right, Chris Brown’s other woman is allegedly his 40-year old manager who happens to be from Oakland!  Ha!  First Tameka gets Usher – now Tina Davis.  Many are saying that she was the one who sent the infamous text message that started this mess.  Stay Tuned…

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Bey to Jigga…’Mind Your Own Business’!

Yes!  Reports are spreading that Beyonce has finally told Jay-Z that when it comes to Rihanna and Chris Brown to mind his own damn business or else!  Insiders are reporting that Bey and her camp feel that this is a minefield just waiting to blow and she wants no parts of this shit…especially considering all the rumors of Rihanna and Jigga having an affair such a close relationship!

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Chris Brown Finally Charged…

According to USA Today, Chris Brown has been formally charged with two felonies – assault and making criminal threats.  His arraignment is today at 3:30PM.
H&V know that ya’ll feel strongly about this.  But we’ll offer this.  Chris’ ass hired Mark Garagos.  Translation — he ain’t hardly gonna be convicted of anybody’s felony when it’s all said and done!  Right or wrong, you can bet on that!
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