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As if we all didn’t know, Lil Wayne confirmed that Nivea is pregnant with his child!  In case you’ve lost count, this is his 4th.

Groupie Actress Lauren London JUST gave birth to this ugly nigga’s baby a few weeks ago…you know, in a enough time to be a bridesmaid at Khlomar’s wedding@@

WHO IS STILL HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX IN 2009…and with Lil Wayne at that?

I know this is a recession, but women, we gotta do better!  Ain’t no gay man’s money or fame worth that!  Strap up and choose wisely!  You don’t know what a muthafucka carrying around and I don’t mean in their wallet!

…Vine…in a minute

Comments on: "Lil Wayne Confirms 4th Out of Wedlock Child" (4)

  1. 4 kids, 4 mamas. . . it’s sad that kids and young teens admire him for his music because he sure is not a role model. I mean if a women in the public eye was poppin’ babies out like that with a different man each time her carreer would be over.


  2. Ladies, how you been Long Time no speak 🙂

  3. @Ms. Wanda – ::waves:: I was thinking about you the other day. It’s been too long. We’re aight; still crazy. How have you been? Is the blog continuing to grow? – Vine

    @Jizzle – You ain’t neva lied! EVA!!!

  4. 50 cent said it best “Have a baby by me…be a millionaire” These chicks know EXACTLY what they are doing…gold digging 101! SMH.

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